Cheapest Energy Source Savings

Cheapest Energy Source Savings
Limited energy resources in the world humanity into different quests
was it. 70 6 cylinder fuel monster vehicles instead of energy nowadays
saving vehicles are more common. World automotive industry, the market itself
it has targeted the middle and low-income sectors that make up the majority of the society. This
In order to compete in the market, they have given priority to the expectations of the public. Each
At the beginning of the time preference was taken to save fuel. In other words, energy
savings. Energy savings, of course, are not limited to cars. All kinds of
service and consumption tool today is a lot of energy to spend less energy is desirable.
Savings have reached such a level; washing machines that consume less water and electricity,
TVs with minimal energy consumption
It is possible to sort many samples such as refrigerators, hybrid vehicles, energy saving bulbs.
Having to import 62% of its energy needs (Source DPT Publications
2649. number) and the use of fossil fuels
Is 30% of the total yield (depending on the plant type, Turkey average
source DPT Publications 2649. number) The efficient use of energy in our country
The importance is clearly seen.
The main reason behind the promotion of public transport in the world is the
savings in one sense: both in terms of the transport of intense human masses, we need
fuel and energy savings. This phenomenon, our company
one of the main principles. The work is done with peer motor vehicles
When it is done, the decrease in cost and emission rates is an important data in understanding the spirit of the event.
Looking at the history, especially the western countries 20. century from the beginning of the city
weight to rail systems insistently on people or freight transport
We observe that you give. The reason for the insistence on this is the large amount of energy
saving poses. Especially in western countries, the
One of the reasons is that they do not have oil reserves.
The first large-scale energy savings in rail systems,
Electrodynamic braking in electric towing vehicles by German companies
instead of burning in the resistances of the ceiling
It is used in underarm heaters in their compartments.
Today, energy saving in rail vehicles has been moved to a much higher level. Namely;
even the re-use of the regenerative energy produced in the engine brake
mounted ultra-capacitors or flywheel (electromechanical storage)
storage of energy efficient vehicles (mechanics with the help of various devices
informing the train intervals and train encounter locations in the enterprise
(When doing headway plans in the enterprise, dynamic braking vehicle, in the block
will be the receiver of the moment of acceleration of the vehicle by calculating the moments of planning
With the make) is largely carried out energy savings. (Source, SSB Stuttgard,
BVG Berlin, Hochbahn Hamburg joint energy saving study, DB Munich R & D)
Wind, load per axle, rotating wheel and tilt resistance, tool driven
in the past years, the most important counter-resistors
various measures are taken against these resistances. Wind resistance
vehicles with better aero-dynamic construction
The light weight of the manufacturing materials is preferred;
materials to reduce the losses during the transmission of the bandage are selected, vehicle weights
and less inclined roads as much as possible.
Our company engaged in human transplantation, the main fuel to save electricity
is an inevitable fact.
Take our lines as an example. According to 2006 data; Yearly
energy consumption, about 19,6 million kW / h, the consumption of the tram line 13 million
kW / h, LRT line consumption is annually 32,3 million kW / h. Energy consumption of three lines
64,9 is million kW / h. On the other hand, living in a house of approximately 150 m²
The annual electricity consumption of the family is 4000 kW / h. This consumption, consumption of our lines
When compared with the corresponding 16,225 house consumption is equivalent. One
Assuming that the average 4 person lives in the house 65 up to the consumption of a city with a thousand inhabitants
our system consumes electricity.
As a result of various improvements considering the operating conditions,
It is possible to reduce our electricity consumption from% 8 to% 30. This is for you
even in some developed countries, it is possible to come across some examples.
What does this mean? 19,4 means million kW / h.
Yes, in other words 4867 is equal to the electricity consumption of the units.
The London underground 1173 GWh is the largest consumer of electricity in the city.
Metropolitan urban rail systems of developed countries, the largest electricity in the city
In the future when construction lines are finished with projected lines
Against the fact that most of Istanbul's electricity will be consumed by us
We are facing. However, thanks to the measures we mentioned, this ratio is noteworthy.
to some extent, it seems possible to pull down.
For example, the Istanbul Directorate of EET has a number of different aspects,
activities to make improvements. First, the mechanic information
system, when the system literally starts to work
Directing energy-saving vehicles by informing them in terms of savings
It will be. The second is parallel. In the required positions of the catenary line double path
It is aimed to increase the possibility of reuse with paralleling. Third place
Ramp encounters with more changes in the headways
It will be provided. The fourth one is max. for example with max. Speed ​​10
It is possible to save up to% 8 by pulling down km / h.
Then why should we not achieve this saving?

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