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Metrobus Line Will Turn into Metro
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş said about the troubles experienced in the metrobus in the snowfall that was effective yesterday. "The Metrobus line has now exceeded its capacity, we have efforts to convert it to the metro line."
Topbaş answered the questions of journalists at a press conference at the Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM).
A journalist said, “When it snows, citizens are often directed to public transport. But yesterday, the metrobus was suffering. What will you say about this? ” On the question, Topbaş said that the metrobus is carrying more passengers than expected.
Kadir Topbas, Metrobus Line will be transformed into Metro, said the studies continue
“The Metrobus line has now exceeded its capacity, I underline this, underlining, we are working on converting it to the metro line. Yesterday there were difficulties due to the 40 minutes problem, this is a serious problem even if it is not 40 but 10 minutes. There is a fact, of course, this arrangement we made on the E-5 line, this arrangement was prepared as just a lane arrival, a lane departure. Because we have no other possibility. In order for the Metrobus to provide a much healthier service, two lanes should go, two lanes should come, so that when a problem occurs, the other can be used comfortably and more intensive metrobus services can be made. ”
Topbas reported that metrobus normally has a capacity of 300-400 a thousand passengers a day, but 800 is trying to respond to the needs of more than a thousand citizens.
One journalist said, “Citizens have criticisms that there is a late intervention in the Sarıyer region. Was this region intervened late? ” In the direction of Zekeriyaköy, the vehicles were difficult to reach due to the heavy traffic in Demirciköy, Madenler and Sarıyer.
Topbas, because of the distress in the road and the violations of the citizens of the security teams at the desired time because of the snow-fight teams can not be at the desired location, he said.
Noting that the necessity of winter tire in commercial taxis should also be brought for private vehicles, Topbaş pointed out the importance of informing the drivers about accidents and fires sent by the citizens to the related centers by a short message to the drivers on the road and informing them.

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