İzmir-Ödemiş railway renovation works are nearing the end.

Izmir-Ödemiş railway renovation works are coming to an end. Passengers using the line in question asked the authorities for help, stating that they were miserable in rainy and cold weather.
The rails between Ödemiş and Cumaovası were completely changed to provide safer, more comfortable and faster service to the passengers. Welding and balancing of rails will continue until the end of January. Passengers who use Gaziemir station to come to Ödemiş from İzmir are troubled. Sebahattin Yavuzkaya, one of the passengers, explained the problem they experienced as follows: “The number of train passengers is increasing day by day and people sometimes go on top of each other like a fish pile. In addition to the inadequacy of the train wagons, we have to go to the middle pero from Gaziemir station, through the rails that do not have an underpass or overpass, and also used by İZBAN in a very busy way. In rainy and cold weather, there is no sheltered cover that passengers can shelter in the middle platform, we are soaking wet. There is a covered Gaziemir stop of İZBAN, which is reached 150 meters away using the underpass. We do not necessarily say that a new station should be built. As in Adnan Menderes Airport, this problem can be solved by tapping an extension to the existing İZBAN stop. We expect the authorities to address this issue without any loss of life and negativity. ”
Ödemiş District Governor Abdullah Dölek said, “As of the end of January, the train line road renewal work between Ödemiş and İzmir is expected to be finalized. In this renewed line, we received the information that new train sets with a capacity of 300 people and 4 wagons will start working. In addition, Bayındır-Ödemiş double road construction, which is very important for Ödemiş and its surroundings, is currently in the approval phase. I would like to thank our Minister of Transport, Binali Yıldırım, who has been working hard on this route and all the officials who have worked hard on this issue. ” said.

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