Istanbul Metrobuses Will Be 500 Personality

Istanbul Metrobuses Will Be 500 Personality
Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said that the existing Istanbul Metrobuses did not work and they wanted more large-capacity metrobus.
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who was the guest of Candaş Tolga Işık's “Let's Talk This” program, broadcasted in Kanaltürk, signaled that the capacity of the metrobus will increase.
Topbas, 170 personality metrobuses instead of 300-500 said they want personality metrobus. Topbas made the following statement:
“We put green and yellow buses into operation there, but it's not enough. You cannot solve this job with vehicles carrying 170 people. We want vehicles carrying 300-500 people. There are also domestic companies working on this. They made the models, there are also electric vehicles. The more capacity the vehicle operates, this leads us to success.

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