Karaosmanoğlu, I did not take orders from anyone for the quarry

Karaosmanoğlu, I did not take orders from anyone for the quarry
Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who supports the quarry to be established in Maşukiye for High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Road and therefore has become the target of environmentalists in our city, poured the inside of our newspaper. Karaosmanoğlu said that no one from Ankara told him about the quarry, that he did not take orders from anyone, s Both me and Mr. Governor are much more environmentalists than those who criticize us. But we will approve this project. Ama
Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Trains will run between 'President Karaosmanoğlu stating that the most important projects for Turkey said: "I talked about this with only FDI Regional Director. Material must be taken from a region between Köseköy and Sapanca. The middle of this selected region. This is a national matter. This road construction should be done as soon as possible and at the most cost-effective. This area in Maşukiye is the most appropriate area. M
Mayor Karaosmanoğlu also stated that all of the materials to be extracted from the quarry in Maşukiye will be used only for the construction of High Speed ​​Rail. I don't know the contractor, I never talked. New ways to transport the material to the construction site will be made. Any measures will be taken. As soon as the construction of the road ends, the operation on the furnace will end. You will see, that 5 will return to the same present state in the 10 year. This is my guarantor. Bun
Mayor Karaosmanoglu, during the quarry activity in the region will not be polluted as a bit of the Yanık stream, within this stream, around the stone will not be taken, said,, I am the guarantor of all. The fish in the creek will continue to live. In fact, there is no known stone quarry. No commercial interests are provided. Both the governor and my hand will always be on that area for the protection of the environment. Çev
Mayor Karaosmanoğlu also said for the appreciation of the için fresh water-bred environmentalist şunlar for those who oppose the establishment of a stone quarry in Maşukiye: I'm pissed when I'm talking in the UCT. I had a word out of my mouth. I don't think that the word ıy Yosma Ben means so bad. I really care about the environment, I'm dying tree thorns. I didn't say this by anybody.

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