Ankara Metro Should Be Included in 60 Age Cards

Ego buses metro and ankaray free of charge on august victory day
Ego buses metro and ankaray free of charge on august victory day

Eşber Atila, a member of the CHP Ankara Provincial Disciplinary Board, stated that the 60-year-old cards, which the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality raises every year under the name of updating, should be discounted and that the Ankara Metro should be included in this application. Atila said, “The pass fee, which is 10 TL in İzmir, is 24 TL in Ankara. This is dishonest,” he said. Stating that the proposal they gave to the Municipal Council on this issue was inconclusive, Atila continued as follows: “The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality increased the pass fees from 10 TL in İzmir to 22 TL in Ankara from 24 TL.

The card used by citizens aged 60 and over is increased in January every year under the name of updating. The municipality charges only 50 TL for these cards, which are valid on the ferry, subway and bus in İzmir, while 70 TL is charged for this card, which is used only on buses at certain hours in Ankara.”

Eşber Atila stated that the people are faced with difficulties and said, "The understanding of making exorbitant profits from every service provided should be abandoned and the understanding of providing the best service to the public in the cheapest way should be adopted."

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