Is there a quarry to Maşukiye?

Is there a quarry to Maşukiye?
TCDD General Directorate of the Ministry of Transport is doing a great job in our region. In the 62 kilometer route between Gebze and Köseköy, the new railway is being constructed for the High Speed ​​Train (YHT).
Big business. Both Turkey is extremely important and should end as soon as a project for our region as well. For the construction of such a railway, there is a need for large amounts of quality stone, stone, stone.
I'm a liar of narrators. The project, which is originally from Samsunlu, is a businessman known for its proximity to the ruling party. We will supply this stone and crusher contractor needed for the High Speed ​​Rail. But in order for this contractor to gain maximum income, the stone and stone to be removed must be removed from the closest location to the construction site. Stone, God's stone. No cost. The cost of the contractor is shipping. If the stone brings 5 miles away from the construction site, it will win if the 50 brings it from a mile away.
The most profitable area for the contractor who will supply stone, stone chips to the railroad in terms of the location of the ongoing construction and the quality of the stone required for this construction is the natural stony area in the Sapanca Air region. First, a green area near the village of Yanik in Sakarya was identified. But the Burned people stood upright. So is the bureaucracy of Sakarya province. They didn't build the quarry there. On top of that, the most suitable place in the same basin in the back of the Maşukiye stony region was estimated.
Kartepe district of our province, especially Maşukiye region, as is known, is a region with a very high tourism potential. All of the AKP executives and officials agree to do so and repeat their claims to improve tourism in that region.
If this stone quarry is built in the green area on the Maşukiye ridge, you cannot talk about tourism for that region again. The rocks will be broken, carved. Dynamite will explode as long as the quarry works, there will be dust. You know, you're going to build a quarry in that area, bring Yıldız Entegre, Hayat Kimya, and even if possible, Diler Çelik will build a factory, it will have less damage to nature. The quarry means that hundreds of trucks and dumper perpetrated in that area.
Then you bring the tourists and put them there.
The table is more interesting, no official in our province, no politicians, no bureaucrats, k Because of the interests of our state, this quarry should be done there. There is no other place. On the contrary, the people of the area went and talked. He knew the region very well, often around the crowd with a group of young people who make long walks in the area Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu'na told the damage to the region.
President Karaosmanoğlu, got up, shouted on the table, shouted, ğ Do not worry about you. As long as I'm here, no one can build a quarry. Ben
The people of the same area went to the Governor. The Governor has reacted similarly. People who do not want a quarry in the region and make an effort to make the region a tourism center and say,, Relax, friends ağı. “We are the followers of the subject. Since you don't want to, we don't allow this investment in that area. Siz
Maşukiye'da stone quarry, which will not create employment. There will be no stones, chippings will be exported and will not earn foreign exchange income to our country. The reason why the quarry is to be built there is to help the contractor to make more money by lowering the shipping cost.
The stone required for the construction of the railway can be easily met from the stone quarries that have already ruined the area in Hereke, from the big stone quarries in the Sakarya river basin.
Yes, the people of the region are violently opposed. Mayor of Kocaeli, against the Governor of Kocaeli. There is no doubt that none of the deputies of the AKP and the organizers of our province say, at That stone quarry should be done here Hiç.
But the contractor's doing well. The EIA meeting was requested in the region. Maşukiyeliler, Mashukiye lovers, chase with those who came for EIA meeting. Meeting failed. But the procedure is working. Step by step Maşukiye'da right to establish a quarry.
In order to complete the EIA report, the approval of various institutions of the state should be obtained. If I write his name and adjective, I can get him in trouble. A young man in our province, the apartment manager, "I do not approve this report, do not sign," he resisted.
But he had a very large political and administrative view. The director of the quarry in Maşukiye, who did not sign the EIA report, said, mayan If you don't, you will have a manager to sign this document M. If following our province recently taken from an apartment manager surprisingly important task, if assigned to one of the remotest corners of Turkey said, know that it is done in Maşukiye due to the resistance associated with the desired quarry.
The biggest shortage of my beautiful city is the insincerity of the people in this city, especially the city administrators. They appear next to the people, they appear on the side of the so-called people on projects against the people. But on the other hand, they do what they know. There is a similar situation with the quarry project in Maşukiye.
See, the construction of the quarry needed for the Northern Marmara Motorway project, which was expected to start construction soon in the recent months, came into question in Akmeşe region. Akmeşe and the people in the villages in the region were very seriously opposed as a single punch. Nvzat Doğan, the Mayor of Izmit, stood upright. In Akmeşe they could not do that quarry. But the situation is different in Mushukiye. It was alleged that the will to establish the necessary quarry for the railway came from very high levels, and therefore the public officials of the other speaking province allegedly supported the legal procedure for this investment.
The problem is not just Mashukiya's problem. All Kartepe's problem is the whole of Kocaeli. But the only will that can prevent this work is the will of the people of Mashoukiye. They have to be total and courageous.

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