Ministry of Transport: We will assume the new metro line of Izmir's 3

Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Planning of the Parliamentary Committee of the negotiations in the year 2013 Yildirim, 2014, the nomination of Komisyon Izmir candidacy'n came to the agenda for the local elections. During the budget talks, Minister Yıldırım made important statements about the Konak Tunnel, the Flying Road and the Rail System Projects in Izmir. Yildirim said that the demand for the increase of exploration about the ongoing metro project of the Metropolitan Municipality would be approved, and that they were ready to support the Flying Road Project. When it comes to service politics is detailed. Together with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we have made a good cooperation in İZBAN and Gulf cleaning projects. After that, we are ready to continue this cooperation, Bundan he said. In a summary of the projects to be realized in İzmir by the Ministry of Lightning, he said:
We have called for the metropolitan municipalities in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir regarding the metro projects that the metropolitan municipalities could not complete. We have stated that they can transfer these projects to our Ministry. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 3 wanted to transfer the line in half. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality wanted to transfer one half line. 2 demanded that our new line be made by our Ministry. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, 'I'm going to do it myself,' he said. 3 asked us to take over the new metro line. We agreed with him in principle. The implementation projects of these lines are made by the Metropolitan Municipality. We'il take them.
It is meaningless to discuss the construction of subway constructions in less cost. You don't know what you're gonna see underneath the ground. Costs vary according to land conditions and geological surveys. Then there are the subways that go from the surface. It's not exactly a subway in Izmir. Some of it goes from the surface, some of it under the ground. Istanbul Kartal Metro is a subway. In fact, there are no big differences between the cost of metro projects in the big city of 3. I would also like to remind you that we are talking about the cost of unfinished projects. There is a demand for a discovery increase related to the project, which has been going on since the 2004 of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and replaced by 3 contractor. We discussed this with the Minister of the Interior, we will approve it.

Source: New Asir

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