Uzungolun Beauty Will Be Seen From The Cable Car | Cable car

Uzungöl, Haldızen Creek and Sarıkaya Hill between the 2 thousand 403 meter line was planned to be installed on the work for the cable car.

Tugba Vice Egypt - Turkey's most important tourism centers Uzungöl 'also, on the establishment of 2 403 thousand-meter line between Haldizen Creek and Sarikaya Tepe has been started to work for the planned cable car.

Tourists will be able to see the unique beauty of Uzungöl and the surrounding highlands thanks to the cable car, which is planned to serve from the summer months next year.

He is the chairman of the board of directors of the United Arab Emirates. Necli Kerem and businessman Şükrü Fettahoğlu from Trabzon 15 Uzungöl Teleferik Construction Tourism and Energy Industry Trade Company was established in October.

The company's partner Şükrü Fettahoğlu, AA said in a statement to reporters, the cable car in the world in a very advanced sector of Turkey said that enough progress yet, one of the few ski lifts in Turkey said they would set up Uzungöl'e.

Fettahoğlu stated that the purpose of the ropeway in Uzungöl was to offer the unspoiled highlands and magnificent nature of the Black Sea to the service of the public.

Acak The ropeway will start from the point where the Haldizen Creek, known as the Haroskomları, will start from the center of Uzungöl, where the second station will be built. From here, we will reach the Sarıkaya Hill, where the third station will be built, with an altitude of 3 bin 970 Buradan.

Fettahoğlu stated that they planned to serve to tourists in summer and winter seasons thanks to the project where a social facility will be located at each station. Yaz We have very nice modern highlands ready for service in winter. There are hotels with 400 beds for the winter season. In the valleys behind the third station there are ready ski areas. These were previously studied, snow work, snow quality, thickness and hardness agreed on places Bunlar he said.

About a million people visited Uzungöl'ı per year Fettahoğlu, said:

, The number of visitors to Uzungöl will increase by 50 and 60. There will be many other touristic facilities in the Uzungol Valley and the plateaus in the Plati hamlet. Because it's not enough. Unfortunately, our region is very narrow in terms of tourism activities, but the field is very wide. The term Uzungöl is not limited to the lake and its surroundings. Uzungol is the area from Karakaya to Soğanlı Mountain and Kaçkar Mountains. In this field, we have very luscious lakes, highlands, mountains and even flat areas in the size of the football field. We are planning to do many activities in this area. Tourism is to improve, however. Especially in the Middle East, the Arab world is very interested in winter tourism. Because they're not there, they're fascinated when it comes to them. We made some studies based on it, and we went after this as a profitable investment. My partner owns a powerful company. We never have a financial problem. Finans

- dağ We will walk a million people in these mountains - -

Fettahoğlu stated that the ground floor studies and heightening of the trees were started and said, çalış We plan to complete the bureaucratic procedures in the winter period. In the spring, the assembly of the materials that will be produced in Europe and will be packaged here will begin. Our goal is to open the ropeway service in June, maximum July, at least to activate the walking bands. Not all of the social facilities will probably grow up, but within a year, this will be a complete facility. Sosyal

According to the initial calculations of the project cost 20 million pounds Fettahoğlu, X We have no material demand from the state. The project is carried out under the auspices of the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Erdoğan Bayraktar and Trabzon Governor Recep Kızılcık. They are as excited as we are. They promised that all obstacles would be overcome and they would help with the bureaucratic issue. We entered this path by relying on our state Biz.

Fettahoğlu said that the passenger will see the Uzungol and Uzungol Valley when he walks up to the 500 meter and he says:

Acak The visitors will watch the Haldizen Valley Valley, the Multat Valley and the Plati Valley and reach the Meşebaşı hamlet. Here, taking Uzungöl under his feet, will sit, drink his tea, coffee, food and health will be found. From here to the plateau, the last summit will go to Sarıkaya Hill. This area can be viewed from a distance of 20 kilometers. We're in the middle of the 22 valley. This is the paradise that flows through the rivers with the description of the Arabs.

Şükrü Fettahoğlu, 277 people with the participation of a research they attracted attention, "These people, Uzungol'da ropeway though we asked if you ride. 277 people only 30 'u' fear of height, ride, 'they said. This ropeway to the valley. We're not going to do anything too expensive, but it's a profit. I love adventure, even my name is adventurous Turk. We will walk a million people in these mountains. Bir

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