TÜVASAŞ General Manager İnal's Visit to Satso

Erol İnal, who was appointed to TÜVASAŞ General Directorate a while ago, made a return visit to Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) Chairman Mahmut Kösemusul and Parliament Speaker Adnan Borazancıoğlu.
Kösemusul said the fact that TÜVASAŞ is in our province is of great importance for the regional economy.
Saying that rail transport is improving day by day, SATSO Chairman Mahmut Kösemusul said, söyleyen TÜVASAŞ is a member of our room. The fact that such an organization is a member of our room gives us great strength and pride. You can benefit from SATSO building facilities. ”
TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal shared the production and future investments of TÜVASAŞ with Mayor Kösemusul and expressed his pleasure to be in a mutual exchange of ideas. Deputy General Manager Cuma Çelik also attended the visit

Source : I medyabar.co

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