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Turkey was the star of xnumx'n exceeding the number 10 30 million tourists envisaged for next year 31.5 million. Turkey is the world's 2012 with this record number of tourists. became a country of tourism. Export of foreign currency constitute the most important item along with the tourism sector continues to be Turkey's them so. Aiming the number 6 10 million tourists annually in the next period, Turkey showed an incredible success, this figure was able to pass completed later this year. The number of tourists reached 30 million in Turkey, world tourism giant countries such as the UK and this success was also left behind. 31.5 is the most important 31.5 in the world with millions of tourists. Turkey, which has become a tourist country, were included in the list of the giant international tours by travel agencies. Of these, the most important of which is considered "fast train" to Turkey's tourism activities are also included. Tourists are able to travel in a wide cofrafia from Europe to Russia starting with a single ticket, which is very popular throughout Europe and where Americans are very interested and the etkin Eurail Pass etkin is the only ticket in the high-speed tourism event.
From January 1 from Turkey will be included in this system, "wealthy tourists" Europe's single tickets they can get around the whole country, carried significant purchases. Tourists traveling by high-speed train, travel company to be included in the list of Turkey stated that many delights themselves.
Meanwhile, the happy news came from Canada to Turkey. The tourism ministry of Canadians reported that the Canadian government is including Turkey among the countries where most want to visit next year. Single ticket many countries that allow the train to travel 'Eurail Pass system, begins the New Year in Turkey. The world's most popular 6. the tourism country, increasing the number of tourists every year and 31.5 million foreign tourists attracted Turkey, single tickets and often across a single price to Europe and a part of Russia, traveling by train allowing for 'Eurail Pass has been included in the system. allowing unlimited movement within Europe and with the system consisting of 24 country, to be seen by more and more foreign nationals in the tourism value will also be used in Turkey and the Turkish State Railways trains will be provided. Managed from the Netherlands "Eurail Group GIE" institution, since Christmas thanks to the system's coverage includes Turkey, noted that tourism discovery of beauty by the millions Eurail train pass through. Europe-wide valid in 24 countries and members offering the opportunity to walk through the train journey with a single card to their countries of tourists and each year hundreds of thousands of US the Eurail network that tourists use the number of American tourists with the inclusion of Turkey in the expected large increase.
Again, the data of Canadian tourists among the most favored countries shows that 10 from Turkey. Said report Eurail Pass system through Turkey each day drawn attention would be discovered by more tourists to the rising tourist attractions, the Sheraton in Turkey, Hilton, Armada, Conrad, Hyatt International, Holiday inn, the giant hotels like the Four Seasons Turkey's four on the side of the said. allowing unlimited roaming the railways in Europe as of January 1 the Eurail Pass will be included in Turkey. So no entry of foreign tourists to Turkey by train and circulation will be much easier olacak.bilet also applies to the TCDD trains circulating in Turkey. In addition, although not members of the European Union so that Turkey will be part of a more European institutions.
Eurail Pass tickets currently cover 24 countries. With auxiliary tickets called Select Pass, 5 can be covered by the Eurail in the neighboring country. The Westbahn, which is the fastest train between Salzburg and Vienna, will be the first private train company in Eurail to join the group.
Published by the World Tourism Organization last year 2012 "Highlights" in the report entitled, Turkey, the United Kingdom through 6. in order to be ranked as a tourist country explosion. Turkey is expected to rise in the short time xnumx'incilig.

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