TÜLOMSAŞ's teachings

The contractor not only for Turkey is a very important industry organizations to Eskisehir. Yesterday you saw in our newspaper, Export Magazine, TÜLOMSAŞ's activities by doing a very extensive study was subject to the magazine. The magazine also included an interview with Hayri Avcı, General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ.
The first thing I noticed after reading the news in the journal and the statements of Hayri Bey was to see what a public institution could accomplish when it was managed with a proper mindset. It was also a source of pride to know that TÜLOMSAŞ, which increased its market share, increased its exports and showed an increase in sales by 12 compared to the previous year, was a public institution. TÜLOMSAŞ is an excellent example of what public institutions have achieved when it is delivered to the right hands and mindsets.
The contractor gives a mindset of course to all of Turkey today. The name of this mentality 'right management and operation, leave the public institutions to make the profit even profit. Think of a country that the monopolized hospitals in the health sector (SSK) and monopoly energy production and distribution companies (TUPRAS-PETKIM, etc.) even when the damage (!) TÜLOMSAŞ'in value of this success is understood once again.
TÜLOMSAŞ has been a source of pride because it shows that the loss is not the institution but the mentality.

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