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While Izmir tram projects planned by IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality were waiting for approval from the State Planning Organization, an objection came from the Privatization Administration. While part of the objection is based on just cause, in some parts it is questioned what kind of logic is followed. First of all, it was stated that the tram will reduce the existing parking areas, which will harm the city. In this regard, I am more worried about the trees that are planned to be cut on the route rather than the decreasing parking spaces. Green, which is already very few in Izmir and can be protected almost only in car parking spaces, should not be further reduced for Izmir tram projects. Another objection from the PA is the inconvenience arising from the fact that buses and other vehicles and the tram share the same road.
İzmir met with public transportation thanks to the metro. Following this, İZBAN paved the way for development in terms of public transportation culture in the city. İzmir tram projects will bring the third dimension to İzmir in public transportation. With Izmir tram projects, I guess there will be a significant decrease in public transportation, especially in the bus leg. A line from Üçkuyular to Halkapınar Metro-İZBAN transfer station; It significantly reduces the load of existing buses.
As for sharing the way with the tram.
The tram was always on the agenda at many points, especially due to historical artifacts and the need to share the road with vehicles at narrowing points. In some places like Izmir, trams and vehicles have to share the same route in a city like Izmir. Even many times in Güzelyalı by passing the tram Mithatpaşa Street; I proposed to combine a different planning with the lower-use car park and pedestrian road concept.
Izmir tram projects will bring a new breeze to Izmir. but at the same time, planning is very important in the foot should be a project. Contribute without disturbing the beauty of the city; will pass without sharing.

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