Lateral Rail System

The system can not go to the university 'rail system' can be called?
It doesn't, doesn't say,
Where does the Light Rail System begin and where does it end?
I want to write for those who do not know Bil
Because there are people from other provinces in this beautiful country Çünkü
It is useful to inform them about some citizens in Adana and some people living in Adana, right?
Let's agree on this once Bir
The system that someone calls “metro” is the Light Rail System with certainty…
Metro's features are clearly clear…
There is no point in making it clear… uncertain Net.
The important thing is to start from the ler return, place, to look at the issue, to think rich, to produce permanent solutions.
What is that rich thought, or thoughts?
For instance, the idea of ​​bringing the Light Rail System, which comes from Ekrem Tok Mental Hospital, to the Çukurova University at any cost, is the biggest investment and success of me.
This issue is very important Bu
Special… Priority Özel
It will be assimilated.
If the steps to be taken at this point are accelerated, and the unresolved solutions to the past are resolved;
Enough to be desired arzu Enough to be desired Yeter
Just let us show you the right place uş
And as long as they start with adequate equipment Ve
The rest comes by itself.
Elin's son overcomes the hills El
Exploding mountains, creating suitable grounds for itself Dağ
Over the seas m Does not wear stuffs f
Doing what he has to do, achieves his goal.
What are we doing? Or what, how much we can not do?
We are not able to meet what is called Light Rail System with Çukurova University in an area that has no obstacle and is as flat as the tray ceiling…
This is not the case İşte
This understanding does not suit us Bu
Nobody can say “amenna kimse and does not say mez amenna Bu.
Here is my last word, al The system that does not go to the University is not a 'meager', but a 'lame' system.
I'll say… okay “if it is… lame ğ '
I can't say oğlu I'm talking about the lame son lame because the system

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