Tokyo subway full of an anthill (Video)

The map of the Tokyo subway, one of the most famous metros in the world, and the people traveling on the subway are astounded.
The Tokyo metro, which is incomparably larger than the Istanbul metro, attracts attention with its enormous size and technological superiority. However, this situation brings many difficulties.
In Tokyo, which is one of the most populous cities in the world, people who use the metro are traveling with fish. The congestion in the metrobus or subway in Istanbul is hardly near the congestion of the Tokyo subway.
The Japanese turned the gold of Tokyo into an anthill. The map of the Tokyo metro is literally an 'ant nest'. People were put on the train by being pushed and compressed by the officers. Although traveling on the subway is like torture, many of them endure this distress as it provides the ease of going to work on time.
The map of the Tokyo Metro brought Istanbul's metro and tram lines to mind. When both maps are brought side by side, there is an enormous difference. While the Japanese were relieving the traffic of Tokyo by metro, digging the city like a mole; Istanbul, which is one of the most popular cities in the world, offers services only in certain parts of the city.



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