Leaving the Railway or Insulting Cities

Leaving the Railway or Insulting Cities
Erzincan-Trabzon Railway is very important for both Trabzon and our region Demiryolu It is believed that it will be the engine of development or the historical Silk Road. Before the end of Erzincan-Trabzon, Trabzon-Batumi will not start to stay in a hurry.
The state also took the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway into the 2023 target within the framework of a railway strategy. Tender works were done. The works, which have been tendered to about 1.7 million pounds, have been completed. Objections were received. Next job is a tender. Everyone is waiting for the tender. Except for one person.
Professor Dr. Fazıl Çelik itiraz Fazıl Hoca, whom we know as a road scientist at KTÜ, objected to the passing of Erzincan-Trabzon Railway route through Gümüşhane. It doesn't just object. This is the honor of professorship. In the beginning, the reasonable objections became so funny that it became a destructive element. From Erzincan to Trabzon, you will either do the railroad or according to Fazıl Hoca's 'Google' projects. Now, my teacher is going to give examples to the last Bayburt conference, which is becoming increasingly weird.
1- “Minister Bey says; 'Geography determines the route.' So science and economy determine. Yani
Fazıl Hoca understands this from the words of Minister Binali Yıldırım. Geography meant not sociality, strategy, geostrategy. Hoca'nın 2 billion dollars in his head more money. Hoca geography takes the economy out.
2- olarak When this tender was made, we started to work as KTU. We have developed alternatives. We called DLH. DLH's technical team is giving us a distance for 'Fazil Hodja bird flight. No need, 'they said. DLH's route and the length of the tunnel is not mindful. DL
For one thing, Hoca cannot cost KTU what they do on their own and what they call a project on their behalf. These studies are the objections of KTÜ, not one person. As a matter of fact, I will say 'I spent two salary for these things'. In other words, if KTÜ was a project, KTÜ would allocate budget and give voice. He wouldn't let noise.
Fazıl Hodja says that DLH says 'bird flight is doing project' for him. The project from Google is a bird flight. Finally, he admits that DLH doesn't mind the tunnel length. Because the technology has developed so much that the tunnel has become child's play. The team at DLH is practicing this. My teacher is still theorist!
3- ergah I have been working on this route when I visited the Bayburt Post. I have observed it as an appropriate route. It's very suitable for DLH's project once. Bir
Fazıl Hodja missed the end of the rope. He sets off itinerary on his way to Bayburt by car. He decides he's more suitable than DLH's. What can you say? ..
4- DL Our projects do not support DLH. 1.7 does not have a million pounds. Only two salaries are gone. Sadece
Everything lies in these two sentences. A scientist disregarded by DLH7 looks at the money spent and wants us to believe in projects he claims to have done on his stationery at Google. Fazil Hodja - ner Where did this anger cast you?
Anger doesn't suit scientists. Anger does not live side by side with science. Fazıl Hoca Bayburt is taking Gumushane to his destination this time. We don't know what to take with Gumushane. But I think he expects to receive much applause in Bayburt when he humiliates Gümüşhane. Look what you have to say in Gumushane:
Miş The way the road passes through Gumushane was social. Gumushane is like a town tucked between the eke mountain. 100 is doomed to remain in the town even after years. What is the difference between the railway and the past? They say we have mine. What's a mine? How much? We investigated; 110 weight. People carry this in their bags. Bunu
A man whose anger was captured Dr. it doesn't matter though. A professor who is thrown to the point of inferiority can be such destructive, exclusionary, humiliating. The man has researched and found 110 kilos in Gumushane. And he's researched the railroad like these mines. How does he give himself away? We call the professor who has prepared the railway project from Google from 'Google if you looked at the Gümüşhane mines'.
Conclusion uz We no longer care about the discourses of Fazıl Hodja, who had thrown a destructive point on the railroad. Don't insult people, people. You don't want to be among the cities and people.

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