What's going on in the port of Tirebolu?

25 year-long construction of Tirebolu Fisherman Shelter near the completion of these days until the day I'm often on the agenda.
Peş The political power that rents the harbor-like shelter in search of rent does not feed Tireboli. They're gonna pull this place out. Let us be sensitive to the shelter of Tirebolu fishermen and Tirebolu Municipality. ”
Local politicians and journalists, who are looking for rent and their supporters, have frequently appeared in the past days and have started to write:
) Let's turn some part of Tirebolu Balıkcı Shelter into port and connect railway to port ın ,, (Newspapers)
Anı If the Fisherman's Shelter is a port, 300 Tirebolulu will eat bread here X (Declaration by the Governor)
”The mentality against the shipyard is also opposed to the port, preventing the development of Tirebolu çıkan (Son Ses Newspaper)
I Mayor Burhan Takır stands against the port project which the Tirebolu people have been waiting for for years. Ğu (Ömer Hıdır AK Party Chairman of Tirebolu District)
Not all of these declarations are insignificant, not insidious, not Tirebolu, but the name of a company with a certain name.
First, let's look at the legal side of the issue.
This port-like construction was legally awarded as a large ve Fisherman's Shelter “and constructed according to the technical rules of the shelter.
It does not have port features and criteria.
In fact, the projects for the construction of a large harbor in Tirebolu were made and the construction of these ports was abandoned and the construction of the fishing port was decided upon by the pressure of some forces.
(In the project for his port, there was a big breakwater with the features that all kinds of large tonnage vessels could berth, and a second breakwater by Kanlıtepe).
Now, in the places we call in the port, the depth of the water in accordance with the port anchors 12 meters, while the reason I could not understand why this was done, this depth by the producer company was filled with rocks and reduced to 6 m. (This is exactly what his project is.)
Even if you spend large sums of money and do not remove the bottom depth to 12 m, even the vessels with medium tonnage are not able to get there.
As well as our fishing shelter, it is required by law that it is not only a fishing shelter that cannot enter the Port status with all its technical features. However, in terms of capacity, it has a convenient position not only for fishermen but also for other sea trade in small scale.
Operation of the fishing shelters is done according to the following order.
The priority of the operation of the shelters belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture is the Fisheries Cooperative established by the fishermen of the region.
If the Fisheries Cooperative refrains from the enterprise, the second operator is legally required by the local municipalities.
In this regard, the National Real Estate went to tender and while waiting for the tender hours of the Tirebolu Fisheries Cooperative, the tender was canceled on the last day.
Now, after this process of insidious developments:
”Mayor Burhan Takır opposes the port project which Tirebolu people have been waiting for years with the longing they have dreamed of.”
The Port operation, which the people of Tirebolu longing for, is completely opposite to your expectations. You are in the name of a certain company this fishing shelter part of the harbor under the name of you are in trouble.
Don't tell me that a part of this Fisherman's Shelter has to be turned into a harbor for the railway to Tirebolu.
I know the exact views of the DLH and the politicians for the railway coming to Tirebolu, even better than the Giresun MPs. Tirebolu will come from Torul and finish at Avcılı village (not going to Trabzon). The current fishing shelter is 1 / 10 with the capacity to serve the railway.
The declarations and reports of DLH and the Ministry of Environment are as follows:
Tam If there is no new port with full capacity, railway to Tirebolu is a dream. The railway will return from Trabzon to Maçka from Maçka.
What we say: da Let the railway come to Tirebolu, connect to the idle Giresun port. Biz
But there is no es click ”of Giresunites on this subject!
In other words, some of the fishing shelter in Tirebolu does not reflect the truth.
Let's come to the excitement of the railroad, the secret proponents of the port defenders behind the door:
The Ministry of Agriculture, legally assigned to the Tirebolu Aquaculture Cooperative, first of all someone is coming and turning it, closing the space with fences, putting a barrier at the entrance of the container. He is erecting electric poles, assembling the camera system and bringing in a generator and making it ready for use.
The port operator, which is waiting for the people of Tirebolu (!), Is ready.
Who is doing these operations:
Tirebolu We are asking the Property Directorate, they are saying, ın There is occupation, we will be fined,.
We ask the Municipality of Tirebolu, aya The governor's office wants to import coal and allocate this area to a company that will ship gravel and gravel to the incoming ships. Tir
We ask the governor's office, hatta We will give this area to a coal dump company. X 300 says Tirebolulu can eat bread here, even the company's name.
(Dockers also had to set up 6000 (six thousand) people to plunder Tirebolu. They had set out with the bread bribe.
We ask the staff, lar The governor promised to give the company a rent for an annual 50.000.0TL Karak.
Now we have the explanation and inquiry order:
1. Which firm has the right to intervene in our fish shelter by relying on which law or by illegal means? The name of this company and the political person behind it Mr. Omar Hıdır and Mr. Governor, please give an explanation.
2. Let's say you have convinced the Tirebolu Municipality, which is against this occupation and surrender. Well, did you get opinions from all Tirebolu about this giveaway event that Tirebolu was longingly (!) waiting for? Of course, the truck transporters tradesmen that you have received opinions on are money. kazanThey will support this plunder in order to You asked other parties and NGOs for their opinions by explaining the issue with all its facts and explaining what economic advantages and disadvantages this issue has to Tirebolu and Tirebolu residents.
3. And again, let's say; You gave this name to a certain firm. Let me explain the field of activity.
The coal will come from abroad and will be stacked in the present empty space, will be distributed there, and the stones and sand of the Harşıt valley will be sent out with the ships coming.
So I say 3 people, 5 people (except truckers) will work in this business.
4. The traffic load of our beaches is due to be thrown into the tunnel is a very rare touristic district of Tirebolu pearl of the Black Sea. Our new parquet roads will be brought to a state of ruin.
5. In other words, the name of the firm that takes a political person behind it is money. kazanAll Tirebolu will swallow dust and will experience noise pollution. Thus, at least 3000 people coming from other provinces and districts to Tirebolu, which will lose its summer property feature, will look for other summer resorts and Tirebolu shopkeepers will be deprived of what these people leave in Tirebolu.
This issue should be dealt with in a comprehensive meeting with all Tirebolyites, and the decision on the benefit of Tireboluli must be taken jointly.
I am inviting Tirebolu NGOs and Political Parties to hold a meeting in Tirebolu to ensure that all those who are seeking the rent do not bring the gunmen to the event.
I always think of my personal opinion; It is a joint operation of Tirebolu Fisheries Cooperative and Tirebolu Municipality. Small-scale commercial downloading, including overlays, our fishermen can have a good business, and our municipality can make public facilities in other areas.
There is no need for later whining. In order to make more logical and constructive decisions on the way to the development of our country, we should have the task of sensitive Tireboluli.
Kazanmoment should always be someone, not Tirebolu and Tirebolus.
Tireboluli should also make decisions about Tirebolu.

Source : www.giresungazete.net

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