The story of a metrobus

They said fast transportation, they said that it would be possible to go from Zincirlikuyu to Avcılar in twenty minutes without traffic, and they introduced the great transportation vehicle metrobus into our lives. There were glitches, accidents, but still we could not give up on the "super" means of transportation. People formed dense crowds at the metrobus stops, as if they were being distributed free bread, they pushed and shoved each other as the vehicle stopped in front of them. But we still could not give up our love of metrobus.
There has been a problem with metrobus for the last two or three weeks. Either they are coming late or three BRTs are waiting at the entrance. When this is the case, a crowd of people is formed and the incoming vehicle is not enough for that crowd. Today, I finally came to the explosion point, I went to talk with the relevant supervisor and asked the reason why you have been waiting so long. The answer came that people always come out at the same time. Then I said that this disgrace happened every hour of the day. The official, who said that it was not their fault that people were busy, produced an intangible excuse as "There is a match, it is normal". My seventy-year-old grandmother knows that there are no matches every day. Nobody eats this excuse, neither did I. As a polite citizen, I requested that "please report this problem to the necessary places, they will find a solution." He made a statement as "The solution is to remove the metrobus".
Isn't everything normal until now? Until I turn around and start walking, until I hear a shout "Come on to E-5". Did the mini skirt I was wearing gave me the courage to say this, or was the style of the state elders not yet decided?
If the government official says to the woman, “Come on E-5…”, I ask you what should I expect from the rulers?

Source: Gerçekgündem

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