The lion's share of the metropolitan's budget to transportation | Izmir Metropolitan Municipality

The 2013 Budget and Performance Program of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was approved by majority vote after the meetings held at the Metropolitan Municipality Council. Transportation projects constituted a significant part of the 2013 budget. In this context, a share of 163 million 702 thousand lira from the budget is for activities aimed at expanding the rail system network, which includes important projects such as the construction of tram lines and purchase of vehicles, the highway underpasses to be built within the framework of the extension of the Izmir Suburban System to Torbalı, the completion of the Izmir Metro Üçyol-Fahrettin Altay line. Left. Üçyol-Fahrettin Altay for the 2nd stage construction work, 55 million TL, 35 million 200 thousand TL for the productions related to the development of the Izmir Suburban System; 20 million TL for the purchase of metro vehicles, 34 million 600 thousand TL for the construction of tram lines and vehicle purchase.
One of the important items among the investments of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2013 is the construction of the new fair area with 120 million TL. 56 million 797 thousand TL was allocated for the development of the signaling system that will start a new era in İzmir traffic, and 10.5 million TL was allocated to the Buca-Yeşildere connection road known as Uçanyol. In addition to the 173 million TL allocated for asphalting works throughout the city, the other important items of the budget of 20 million 800 thousand TL allocated for the construction of multi-storey car parks were formed. From the 2013 budget, 10 million TL was allocated for the renewal of the Teleferik and 10.5 million TL for the social life campus.
Karşıyaka The share allocated for Zübeyde Hanım Opera was 2 million TL. The Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to continue social municipality practices in the coming year, will provide 2013 million 26 thousand TL in-kind aid to the poor and needy people according to the budget of 270.
Speaking after the Budget and Performance Program was accepted by the Parliament, Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Sırrı Aydoğan said, “I wish the budget to be beneficial for İzmir and the people of İzmir. A budget has been prepared to pave the way for the city. Izmir has now become a city that attracts the attention of the whole world. Investments are increasing, studies are accelerating. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the preparation of the budget ”.

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