Tender Notice: Tender for the Operation of Antalya Nostalgia Tramway and Facilities for 3 Annual Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

antalya nostalgic tram
antalya nostalgic tram

Tender Announcement: Antalya Nostalgia Tramway and facilities to be operated for 3 yearly Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

1- SUBJECT OF THE TENDER: "Within the borders of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and its adjacent areas, the operation of the Nostalgia Tramway and its facilities, which will serve the Public Transport service owned by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, will be tendered by the Closed Bid Procedure in accordance with Article 2886 / a of the State Tender Law No. 35, The Nostalgia Tramway will be tendered to operate for 3 years, and the real or legal persons who will participate in the tender agree and undertake to comply with the terms of this technical and administrative Specifications and the contract.

Estimated price: (3 annual) 1.189.000,00 TL + VAT

The tender, 06 / 12 / 2012 will be held on Thursday: 16: 00 in the presence of the Council in the Assembly Hall of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality.

The following conditions shall be sought in the real or legal persons or persons to participate in the tender.

4.1 is a legal residence,
4.2 address for notifications to show in Turkey
4.3 Notarized signature declaration indicating that it is authorized to bid,
The criminal record taken from the 4.4 public prosecutor's office,
4.5 If the tenderer is being participated by proxy bid on behalf of, most taken two months before a notary public to provide authorized signatures from the date of tender participating by proxy by one of the powers of attorney to be found in the bidder name (Turkey branch office without foreign legal entities proxy patches and fixes approved by Turkish Consulate or Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country where must be.)
4.6 Certified Population Registration Example (The address of the residence will be taken from the related population office in writing),
4.7 Bid Letter
4.8 Bank receipt receipt indicating that the amount of Temporary Guarantee Letter or bid bond in the amount specified in this specification is deposited in the bank account of the Administration.
4.9 If the tenderer is a joint venture, a joint venture declaration to be complied with the standard form in the Annex to this Specification (if the tenderer lays a contract on the signed partnership by the partners).
Copy of 4.10 Tax Board (if applicable)
4.11 tender tender is given as a business partnership; Each partner of the joint venture must submit the documents separately in Article 10 of the Administrative Specification (4.1-4.2-4.3-4.4-4.6) separately.

4.12 from the place where the legal entity of a Chamber of Commerce or from other authorities, taken in the year 2012, indicates that the registry, the legal body (the documents of branches without foreign legal personality in Turkey, Consulate of Turkey in the country where the legal entity or by Turkey to be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must).
4.13 E-mail address for notification and telephone and fax number and e-mail address for contact.
4.14 notarized signature circular for the legal entity (in Turkey by the Turkish Consulate branches of foreign legal entities included in the circular of the countries where these entities and Turkey must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
4.15 If the tenderer is being participated in by proxy bid on behalf of, most taken two months before a notary public to provide authorized signatures from the date of tender participating by proxy with power of attorney for one of going to bid willing name (in countries where foreign to legal entities of power of attorney without a branch in Turkey Turkish Consulate or Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be approved).
4.16 In case of joint ventures, each legal entity that creates a joint venture shall provide a certificate in accordance with the relevant principles. (The joint ventures may establish a company together after the tender, but the administration and the company together are responsible for all the separate Contracts and Specifications. Approval of the contracting entity is required for the establishment of the company).
In case the 4.17 tenderer is a company, a criminal record shall be issued for each member of the Board of Directors.
4.18 In the event that the tenderers are joint ventures, they give a Partnership Agreement signed by the partners with the Joint Venture Declaration (ANNEX: 1) in accordance with the enclosed example of this specification, (if they remain on the Tender, they issue a notarized Partnership Agreement, also all the partners of the group shall they sign by the persons to whom they will appoint).
4.19 Document that the SSI has no debts.
4.20 documenting that it is doing business in terms of business and service related to the subject of the tender,
4.21 Personnel who have the required documents and who have received the necessary training should give the contract within the closed offer envelope.
4.22 It is obligatory for this Specification to submit the proposal to be prepared in accordance with the principles written in the article 6 to the Presidency of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Registrar and Decisions Department.

5.1. The total estimated price for the Nostalgia Tram is 1.189.000,00-TL and the Temporary Guarantee amount is 3% of this price. (35.670,00 TL)
5.2. The values ​​to be accepted as Temporary and Performance Guarantee are shown below.
5.2.1. Turkish currency in circulation,
5.2.2. Treasury and Foreign Trade Undersecretariat will give the bank will be determined time and 2886 Law No. xnumx.madde to suitably arranged letters of guarantee (if given a letter of guarantee, letters of guarantee country of origin in valid based on a foreign bank's counter-guarantee and Turkey in a reputable Turkish Bank arranged the limit internal and will be indefinitely.)
5.2.3. Government bonds and treasury bail bonds.
5.3. Delivery Place of Guarantees
5.3.1. It is obligatory to submit the receipt of the receipt to the tender proposal file by depositing the money or bonds written in 5.madden (5.2.1) and 5.2.3.
5.3.2. Letters of guarantee written in the clause 5.madden (5.2.2.) Are placed directly into the tender proposal file.
5.4. The letters of guarantee shall be delivered to the administration (Municipality) after the tender. Temporary guarantees of those who cannot be awarded shall be returned upon their return.
5.5. In any case, the collaterals received by the Administration cannot be foreclosed and no precautionary measure can be placed on it.
5.6. Tenderers shall receive a bid bond at the rate of at least% 3 of the estimated value of the work subject to the tender.
5.7. Letters of Guarantee, addressed to the administration, the subject of the tender will be arranged in relation to the work, will be issued in a definite, concise, and indefinitely.

The proposals shall be prepared in a manner to contain the following documents.

In the inner envelope, a letter of proposal prepared in accordance with the specifications given in the administration shall be placed.
Offer Letter;
1- Indicating that the tender document is fully read and accepted,
2- The written price of the quoted price in accordance with the figure and the letter,
3-Excavation, erasure, no correction,
4- Turkish citizen identification number of natural persons of the Republic of Turkey, while specifying the tax identification number of legal entities operating in Turkey,
5- The name, surname or trade name of the tender letter must be signed by authorized persons.
6- The tenderers of the tenderers who bid as partnerships must be signed by all the partners or by the persons whom they authorize.
6.1.2. Inside envelope closure:
The documents which must be present in the internal envelope mentioned above will be prepared and signed in the inner envelope and the envelope will be placed on the envelope and the name, surname and commercial title of the tenderer shall be clearly stated on the notification. The place of the envelope will be signed and stamped by the tenderer. The. OFFER ENCLOSURE Z shall be written on the envelope.

6.2.1 The following documents will be placed in the outer envelope. Inner Envelope Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry, Tradesmen and Craftsmen Registration Certificate, Notarized Signature Circular Notary certified power of attorney, Letter of Guarantee or Bank Letter of Guarantee for Temporary Guarantee, Joint Venture Declaration and Contract (If Notarized) The documents specified in Article 4 of this specification shall be placed in envelopes and closed. On the sealed envelope, the name, surname or trade name of the bidder, the full address and the bid shall be clearly written “Operation of the Nostalgia Tram and its facilities within the boundaries of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and the adjacent areas of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality hizmeti.

7.1. The proposals prepared in accordance with the procedures shall be submitted to the / Office of the Registrar of Decisions UM in line with the numbered receipts up to 06 / 12 / 2012 hour: 16: 00 at the latest. ;
7.2. Bids can be sent as registered mail. In this case, the name and surname of the tenderer, the name of the tenderer, and the trade name and the address of the tenderer shall be written on the outer envelope. Bids submitted by mail must be submitted to the Directorate of Editorial and Resolutions Department until the time specified in the announcement. Any delays in the mail will not be accepted.
7.3. The proposals submitted to the Presidency of the Council or to the Department of Registry and Decisions cannot be withdrawn.
7.4. In the time setting; mail, telegram, telephone (PTT) or Turkey Radio and Television (TRT) administration clock setting will prevail ..

tender Specifications and annexes can be seen during the working hours of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rail Transportation Planning and Rail System Department and / or can be taken with authorized signature on behalf of the tenderer.

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