Who won TCDD's very high speed train purchase tender?

Who won the TCDD's very high-speed train tender
7 annual maintenance and repair services and very high speed 6 train set and the lowest bid for the procurement of a simulator set.
Within the scope of the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Railway Line Expansion Project, the Chinese company CNR Changchun with 7 years of maintenance and repair and cleaning services and the lowest bid of 6 million 263 thousand 510 in the tender for the procurement of 757,86 very high speed train sets and a simulator set. It is reported to come from.
Republic of Turkey from the Railways (TCDD) a written statement, following the postponement of the project twice within the scope of Ankara-Konya high-speed railway Extension of Line Project, 5 percent of reserves and 7-year maintenance and very fast 6 train sets and 1 simulator with cleaning services The tender for the supply of the set was recorded yesterday.
The lowest bid in the tender attended by 4 participants was 263 million 510 thousand 757,86 dollars, the Chinese company CNR Changchun said, 318 million 380 thousand 133,50 dollars of other companies, Bombardier-Ansaldo JV 412 million 159. It was stated that the bid of 410 thousand dollars and Alstom offered 505 million 516 thousand 741,60 dollars.
In the statement, the following evaluations were made:
CNR Changchun, which was the first by giving the tender the lowest price, reveals its claim about high-speed train in this project as well. Leaving behind millions of dollars of European rivals China CNR Changchun firm in high-quality facilities that can most production with high technology in the world of Turkey's new high-speed train s, all the needs of the Administration met, is expected to be produced.
Tools which are still in operation in many countries, from Australia, New Zealand and the end of the auction at the nearest 54 million 869 thousand between the rival 375,64 dollar price advantage with taking into consideration the interests of Turkey, sincerity he heard our country clearly seen CNR Changchun authority, the most recent Stating that they will be pleased to carry the standards to our country, they underline that they will successfully complete a project once again with their production in compliance with ISO, UIC and TSI standards. Turkey is now waiting for a moment before the end of this project evaluation and take delivery of the new trains a moment ago.

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