TCDD does not allow pedestrian crossing in Bağlar | Mounts gateway

TCDD does not allow pedestrian crossing in Bağlar | Mounts gateway
With the resumption of the railway project underway, the Bağlar gate was closed recently and the tunnel works continued from where it left off.
The traffic flows, which are expected to remain closed for about three months, have been regulated by traffic regulations, and the traffic was directed to alternative streets and streets in the region.
The main problem in the passage where a possible traffic problem was settled was for pedestrians.
With the closure of the Bağlar crossing, the citizens who were unable to cross the level crossing had to walk a considerable distance. Pedestrians who wanted to cross the Bağlar crossing on Cengiz Topel Street had to walk over the Station Bridge or to the Sakarya crossing. Therefore, the successive reactions had prompted the authorities.
Taking into consideration the complaints from citizens, the ruling party immediately informed the construction owner TCDD. TCDD launched an investigation in the region upon request. However, a pedestrian crossing to be made in the opinion that the safety of the TCDD citizens can not meet this demand reported.
AKP Provincial Chairman Süleyman Reyhan stated that they would wait for the parade to be opened in pedestrians.

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