Barge Solution in Sivas Rail System in Kayseri

The sharpening of the points between neighboring provinces has been increasing, and the problems of Sivas have increased, while the city, which has not developed any measures to solve these problems, does not have any development plan for the future. The road and traffic patterns can not provide the city to the dubalara application is observed, Kayseri is not an example of the huge rail system to wrap the city from the beginning to why it is emphasized.
While there is a meaning like a dead land sprinkled on Sivas, the city which cannot improve itself in this sense is tied in the knot with the collapsed narrowing, while our neighbor Kayseri, which determines the future philosophy well, seems to have been opened to good.
While Kayseri is making great investments in the rail system line and dealing with huge economic inputs, it cannot be understood that Sivas will continue with pontoon and complexity understanding at the city and transportation point.
In Kayseri rail system, the target was enlarged and the rail system laying work began between Talas, Ildem and Beyaz City. The city, which equips the city with a rail system, has further improved the steps towards being the second Istanbul.
While our neighbor Kayseri, the second Istanbul to migrate from Sivas to grow and grow itself, in Kayseri, squeezed with the minimum wage in the Sivaslılar'ın, due to the concern of bread is not returned here.
Sivas, who live for the bread fight in Sivas, if the possibility of return to their cities in Sivas, such a development is not seen in Sivas, however, is expressed.
University students studying in Sivas are known as the city's traffic problem, and they are known as illegades by getting on the bus.
In order to find a solution to this situation, it is emphasized that there is no intervention in the understanding of the traffic of the city and that a thought like a rail system does not exist in the imagination of the city population and managers.
Sivas, the dubas are placed on all four sides of the city because of these ugly images and almost turned into a comedy-like town that interpreted many Sivaslı, why they should be questioned that the modern cities of Sivas is not taken as an example.
While Kayseri is a world-wide city with a rail system, it is interpreted that Sivas, which cannot solve the problems in itself, has stumbled on many issues such as transportation and traffic.

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