Takla Atan Vehicle Metrobus Way

The driver, who lost control of the steering wheel, entered the metrobus road in the accident that occurred in the D-100 Highway Merter area in the morning. While the metrobus road was closed to traffic for a while in the accident where the driver was seriously injured, a long vehicle queue occurred on the D-100 Highway.
In the morning 07.00 in the accident occurred in the direction of the car driver in the direction of Topkapi lost control of the steering wheel. Savrulan vehicle hit the BRT bus barrier first. Tumbling vehicle went on the path of the BRT. The car was lost in the accident that occurred in the accident when the Metrobüs vehicle was not available. The driver of the vehicle was seriously injured.
The passenger car trying to get rid of the somersault car was hit by a passenger bus from the rear. However, there were no injuries. Passengers hit the rear of the bus in the car experienced great fear. 3 vehicle was immediately dispatched to the ambulance instead of the accident involved. The injured driver was taken to hospital to be treated. The vehicle was hit by the lighting pole was also toppled on the BRT.
The driver of the vehicle struck the back of the bus, the driver of the vehicle in the road scissors trying to cross other road scissors but tried to pass through the bar, he said.
The D-100 Highway was opened to traffic again after the vehicle was lifted by tow truck.

Source : I yurthaber.mynet.co

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