The new center of unusual organizations; Olympos Teleferik

Olympos Teleferik General Manager Haydar Gumrukcu, who hosted interesting and sound events at the height of 2365 meters, said that they gave the necessary support to many organizations in order to spread the tourism to the 12 month. Gümrükçü, said they plan to increase this diversity in the coming period.
Olympos Teleferik, which is one of the alternative tourism centers of Kemer, makes a name for itself with the support given to the organizations in the region. Olympos Teleferik, which connects Tahtalı Dağı with the Mediterranean and hosts many events as it is located, hosted the Red Bull Sea to Sky Enduro Motorcycle Races, which started at the sea level and ended at the summit of Tahtali Mountain at 2365 meters.
Last week, the Red Bull Sea to Sky race, organized by Kemer Enduro Motorcycle Club and attended by 18 athletes from the 150 country, was completed with the Tahtali Mountain stage at the height of the 2365 meter. After the award ceremony held at the summit, many motorcyclists who completed the races among the world's most challenging and most entertaining courses met with the General Manager of Olympos Teleferik and received information about their facility and communicated their admiration to them.
. Olympos Teleferik provides the necessary support to numerous organizations in the region in order to spread the tourism in the region to the 12 month, dest said Haydar Gümrükçü, General Manager of Olympos Teleferik. We hosted the Red Bull Sea to Sky Enduro Motorcycle races held at the end of last week by Kemer Enduro Club. We met at the summit with the athletes reaching the summit from the shore with the challenging trails. We are proud of the words of world famous athletes, especially for our facility and for our region. We will be promoting our name more often by supporting different organizations in the future. Biz

Source: Kemergözcü

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