23 Bus to Samsun Rail System Ring Lines


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality put 23 howitzers it bought for use in Samsun Rail System ring lines with a ceremony. While the number of vehicles increased to 18 with the 41 buses purchased before, it was announced that the total cost of the buses was 11.5 million lira.

A promotional ceremony was held for 23 buses purchased by SAMULAŞ A.Ş., which is affiliated with the Metropolitan Municipality, to add to the transportation fleet. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Kenan Şara, Deputy Secretary General Sefer Arlı and Mustafa Yurt, SASKİ General Manager Coşkun Öncel, Otokar A.Ş. Assistant General Manager Basri Akgül, representatives of non-governmental organizations, municipal employees and citizens participated.

Speaking at the ceremony, Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz called for dolmushers working on the lines where the buses will be assigned. Yılmaz said, “Some of these buses are 12 meters, some are 9 meters and some are 6 meters. So we will put it in different places for different needs. We are trying to modernize the transportation of growing Samsun. In other words, we want our citizens to get the same way a modern person receives transportation services. My dear friends, we are actually commissioning 23 of them here today. We had bought 18 buses before. The number increased to 41 with the last buses. Let us not understand from the purchase of these buses: 'There were people doing this job, but we did not like the quality of their work. It is not the size and order we want them to do this job. We also ignore their bread, we put the buses we bought, let them see whatever happens on these lines, we will do this job. ' It is not our intention. Our intention is that they don't turn from buses to buses. Let them come in the trend and process of turning from a bus to a bus and understand that this is not the end, we can even transfer these buses to them if necessary. ”

Explaining that they gave 41 buses 11.5 million lira, Yılmaz said, “This is the money of the people of Samsun. Let us delegate them to them so that they come and do these things. I have the following mentality: In Samsun, if the private sector, the person, the person is doing a quality service, he must do the service. Therefore, we do not expect this to prevent others from doing the work of minibuses and buses doing this work, but we also expect a little action to get them to say, 'How do we do this together?' Let them sit and talk. 'How can we build these buses? Let's take the so-called minibus out of our Samsun. "If we say that we can transform this into such modern transportation," our friends here are ready with all their strength to contribute to these events. "

After his speech, President Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz sent OTOKAR A.Ş. Deputy General Manager Basri Akgül presented a plaque. Later, President Yılmaz took a photo in front of the buses.

Source: Media 73

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