Opening of new railway station in Rotterdam

Opening of new railway station in Rotterdam
Rotterdam's Central Railway Station, which started construction five years ago, is officially open on Saturday this week.
It is the end of the new 110 construction project that has been going on for the 5 in Rotterdam Central Railway Station, which is one of the most operating train stations in the Netherlands. The station will be officially opened on Saturday this week.
According to the statement made completely changed the 2025 325 thousand passenger capacity of the train station is targeted to respond.
The train station, which was first built in 1957 and serving thousands of people with only small additions for the whole 50 year, was no longer able to lift this capacity. Especially the new high-speed train connections were having problems.
The new station, built in 2007, has direct metro and tramway connections. There is also a shopping center in which many stores will be located.

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