2012-14 Work Program of the Association of Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists

2012-14 Work Program of the Association of Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists
a. Social Awareness Activities
To organize seminars and meetings in schools and other non-governmental organizations together with various public and private organizations for better promotion, evaluation, promotion and dissemination of railways, metro, light rail and tramway public transport services and activities in public,
When necessary, to make interviews with the television and media and media organizations and inform the public about the sector,
To provide coordination, information transfer and cooperation between the rail system operating companies of our municipalities, to organize public and private organizations to the municipalities who desire to expand the Metro, light rail and tram public transportation services in all of our big cities,
To explain the importance of environmental awareness in public transportation to the public and to carry out promotional activities indicating that the rail systems are environmentally friendly with the relevant institutions.
b. Vocational Education Development Studies
To participate in the preparation of newly opened Anatolian Vocational High School Rail Systems Technologies Department training programs, to work together with MoNE, private sector, SVET and similar institutions in the training of vocational courses teachers in Turkey and abroad,
To examine the rail system training programs which are being applied abroad, to participate in the studies of the similar trainings in the higher education level (railway academy, railway engineering, railway management, mechatronics project management engineering etc.) in our country.
c. Technology and Indigenous Industry Development Studies
To inform and inform the public about all kinds of materials, rail, subway and tramway equipment used in rail system project applications, to promote all kinds of domestic production related to the sector,
To establish the standards for rail transport systems integrated with the EU,
To follow the developing rail transport technologies in the world, to inform our people to our country and to use and produce similar technologies in our country, to do joint works with universities, public and private institutions in Turkey and abroad,
To encourage private sector companies to be more active in rail transportation systems operation and transportation services, private sector acceleration in rail transportation systems services kazanto work to climb,
To keep up with the ongoing projects such as tube passage, high-speed train, subway and similar projects, to solve the various problems that will occur during the applications, to bring the problems of the sector to the agenda, to put forward the solutions together,
Each year, official dealing with rail transport systems in Turkey and private institutions, with the participation of firms to assess the various activities and problems "Rail Transport System Platform" edit,
To follow the developed countries (Japan, Korea, USA, Russia, etc.) and EU rail transport policies, to become a member of similar civil society organizations, to prepare joint projects and to work in order to harmonize the sector in the transition period to EU.
To assist and follow the occupational health and safety rules during the construction and manufacturing activities of the companies working in the sector.

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