Rail Systems Platform

Our idea is to make our country the locomotive of the world in the field of rail systems by combining the idea of ​​serving humanity with advanced technology.
Rail Systems Technology which needs mass transport of the future;
with innovative members who adopt innovative thinking as a way of life
by ensuring the formation of sustainable domestic production structure
improve global competitiveness and quality of life of people
Strategic Objectives:
The aim of our platform, changing the shape of ideas in our world, within the framework of the logic of service to humanity, to understand the importance of railway transportation, rail system technologies in our country, especially in the field of rail system technologies in our country by creating the necessary working and application environment, rail system technologies beyond the current technologies and Turkey can be an example of a modern rail transportation network.
For this purpose, the following activities are carried out within the framework of the mission and vision of the institution.
To provide the support of legal and natural persons who want to support the works to be carried out in the public or private sector related to this field in order to prepare the ground for the works to be carried out by our 1.Platform.
2. To organize seminars, panels and various activities for those who are interested in Rail Systems and who aim to provide a vision for themselves and their country.
3. To create a structure that will increase the efficiency of decision making and planning in the field of coordinated systems and become a platform that directs the sector with specialized human resources.
4. Rail transportation and transportation systems; to provide a more modern structure that will serve technologically, economically and socio-culturally.
5. To increase the international competitiveness of our country by creating the domestic production infrastructure in the railway systems sector.
6. Adapting communication and communication technologies to rail systems within the framework of smart urbanization; to establish a sustainable, sustainable rail network that is sensitive to life and nature.
7. By using our geostrategic position effectively, to make our country a trade and transportation center within the framework of regional cooperation processes in the field of rail systems.
Institutions and organizations that are cooperated and supported
Ministry of Transport
Transportation Inc.
IMM Rail Systems Directorate
Railway Transportation Association

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