The prime minister is on a tram test drive

The prime minister is on a tram test drive
Mayor Recep Altepe, who supervised the installation of tramway rails at Çatalfırın, stated that: esi Final tests are carried out in Bursa tramcar production. We put the car on the rail at the end of the range. The Prime Minister will make his first test run. İlk
When we look back in the near past, we are faced with a situation like this: Mayors' citizen relations have always been the subject of debate.
All of the presidents say that they will be olac in a permanent citizen ”in their election campaigns. They are even present in ambitious discourses such as bile You will see my face, not among my photos Hatta.
Some of the right to some of the unfair, the biggest criticism of the term of the citizen is caused by the inside.
Mayor Recep Altepe works at a pace that reverses this discourse. He spends most of his time outside the office hall in the municipality.
He goes to all the construction sites of the Metropolitan, and he observes the works and inspects them.
Sometimes in the daytime, even if it cannot find time, it is always in the night. He talks to everyone, talks to everyone, listens to everyone.
When we found it in front of Balıkçı Reşat at the entrance of Arap Şükrü Street in Çatalfirin at nightfall, he inspected the ongoing tram rail laying construction in Altıparmak. sohbet was.
He also gave sincerely answers to the questions directed.
We wondered merak
When will the Bursali get on the tram?
He said:
“Let's name it once. The residents of Bursa will take the local production tram. This will be a first in Turkey. We work for him. Biz
When will serial production be started on the local tram of Bursa?
He said:
In In Bursa, we call the silkworm, the last test is being carried out in the local production tram. “
She added:
Dı Thousands of parts have been tested and approved until today. Now the final tests are done. Their approval is soon taken and mass production is started. Bunlar
He gave the following information:
“We built a test drive area in Bursaray Care Center and laid rails. We will put the first Silkworm tram produced on the rails there and test drive it. "
After saying these, he explained:
Baş I met with the Prime Minister at the last provincial presidents meeting in Ankara and gave information about the tram works. I even invited our Prime Minister for the first test drive. He agreed. O
History also gave:
. I think we will be able to put the first car on the rail towards the end of December. Our Prime Minister will come and do his first test drive himself. Baş

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