Car Hit The Direct Metrobus Road

Car Hit The Direct Metrobus Road
In Zeytinburnu, the car hit the barriers and then the electric pole.
The car in the direction of the Merter 23.30 time of the car, the driver lost control of the steering wheel, hit the BRT barriers.
Due to the impact of the power pole, metrobus road toppled. In the meantime, on the way to the direction of Topkapı Avcilar-Zincirlikuyu metrobus the bus stopped slammed.
In the accident, the car was damaged.
The D-100 highway and metrobus road, which was closed to traffic for a while, was opened for transportation after the lifting of the mast.
At the same time, the vehicle crashed into the concrete mixer waiting on the D-100 roadside due to an accident.

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