Level Crossing Arrangement in Nazilli

📩 25/11/2018 15:44

On the railway line passing through Nazilli district, a new level crossing will be opened to connect the Republic and Turan districts and the old passage will be canceled.
Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alıcık, said in a statement to journalists, in line with the protocol they signed with TCDD railway line passing through the district on the railway line between the Republic and Turan will facilitate a new level of passage will be opened, he said.
Stating that the level crossing will be in the quality and equipment that will provide the vehicle and pedestrian traffic safely, Alıcık said:
“The control of the pass will be provided by the guard assigned by the Municipality of Nazilli. After the level crossing, which is under construction, is opened for use, the old crossing in the continuation of 356 Street will be canceled and closed due to its proximity to each other. Following the protocol signed between our municipality and TCDD, the works started immediately. We expect this work to ease the traffic a little more. "

Source: Haberciniz

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