Metrobus Batch of confluence tool!

Metrobuses, which carry 750 thousand passengers a day, are just like the Tokyo and Beijing subways during business hours. On the metrobus, where there is a congestion even at the main stops, those who travel a pile of fish are getting mad!
According to official figures, the indispensable underground and aboveground vehicles of 13 million in Istanbul travel in both directions at all hours of the day… The struggle to grab space also leads to unpleasant events and discussions from time to time. Especially at metrobus stops… So much so that between 08.00 in the morning and 18.00 in the evening, which are the busiest hours, even the doors of the vehicles cannot be closed.
Seat puss
The corner grabbing and scuffing between the descending passengers and those who try to get on the public transportation vehicle at the same time cause nerves to be strained. The busiest stops of Metrobus are, without a doubt, Zincirlikuyu and Mecidiyeköy ... In addition to these two stations, Söğütlüçeşme, Avcılar, CevizliBağ and Şirinevler are the points where the density is observed. Between 17.30 and 19.00, the crowd formed by those who want to go both to the Anatolian side and to Avcılar, especially from Mecidiyeköy and Zincirlikuyu stops, evokes trains and public transport in the Far East countries. Train services in China and Japan appear before our eyes. The three most commonly used sentences in the Metrobus lexicon are as follows: “My brother, you can go ahead. Don't push it, brother. Close that door now, captain ... "
'Number of vehicles increase'
We want to see what's going on at Mecidiyeköy stop in the evening between 17.30-18.30. But it is not possible to move within the vehicle. Hakan Bey, who is a customer representative in a private bank, is approaching us. Refrain from giving the surname; “Pull the escalators. Let us see the check. Every night it's deliberately stopped. We're wasting time on 10 minutes to get out of the stop. Kadir President please come and examine. Let him travel with us at work. There are no additional buses to the Metrobus line. Bit If empty vehicles are sent every minute 4-5 minutes and intermediate vehicles such as Topkapi, Merter, etc., and these empty vehicles begin to pick up passengers from the intermediate stands, akl he says.
“Even harder to breathe“
Being able to ride to the Metrobus in Zincirlikuyu requires special skills. Everybody is pushing each other pushing for space. It's even harder to breathe from a human intensity.
350 a thousand people a day
The situation in the subway between Istanbul and Taksim-Hacıosman is no different from the metrobus. Especially in the morning and in the evening there is an excessive density. 4 is the 18 station along the 13 kilometer line, which is made once per minute. Every day between Taksim and Hacısman 350 thousand people are traveling. In the days of Galatasaray's match at Türk Telekom Arena, only one hour from the Seyrantepe Station is carrying 30 passengers.
Fortunately, we're not like Tokyo!
The capital of Japan has the 168 stall and 9 line on the Tokyo subway with the world's most passenger-carrying subway network. Every day the metro uses 6 million 307 thousand 390 passengers. Only women are taken to the first and last wagons during the peak hours.
London subway train
In London, the capital of England, which has the oldest metro network in Europe, 3.2 million passengers travel underground every day. 270 is located on the 11 station.


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