Activists closed the line to traffic due to the late arrival of Metrobus ...

Passengers who rebelled because of the late arrival of metrobus, had confiscated metrobus. Today, passengers in Istanbul metrobus line of action.
Passengers who can not ride the metrobus for hours due to the crowded metrobuses, CevizliAt the bond stop, Metrobus closed its way to traffic.
The action was attended by passengers waiting at the stop, as well as from the metrobus. In the course of the action, an empty metrobus was intercepted, and the protestors ended up in the metrobus and ended their actions. Due to the intensity between Beylikdüzü and Söğütlüçeşme, the BRT line has been the scene of actions since the feast, and the demand in the actions is to find a solution to the density of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Source: Democrat News



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