As part of the Marmaray Metro Project, the last phase has been reached in the 8-year excavations on the archaeological findings unearthed in Yenikapı.

After the archaeological findings revealed in Yenikapı within the scope of the Marmaray Metro Project, the excavations that have been going on for 8 years under the presidency of the Istanbul Archeology Museums Directorate have reached the final stage.
During the excavations that brought the history of Istanbul to the pre-8 bin 500 today, the boats, daily objects, maritime materials, footprints, and beliefs were restored and will be presented to the visitors at the museum to be built in Yenikapı.
Zeynep Kızıltan, the Director of the Istanbul Archeology Museum and the head of the Yenikapı excavation site, reminded the AA reporter that they have started archaeological excavations due to the projects carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to solve the transportation problems of Istanbul.
Stating that the excavations started at 2004 meters above sea level in 3 and are currently continuing at minus 10 meters, Kızıltan said, “We have completed 90 percent of our work in both Marmaray and the metro area. We only have a 10 percent excavation stage in the metro area. However, our workshops continue. During this 8-year period, neolithic settlements belonging to the Republic, Ottoman, Byzantine and prehistoric periods have been unearthed since today ”.

Source: TimeTurk

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