Marmaray floods Darıca!

Marmaray floods Darıca
Darıca Municipality held its ordinary parliamentary meeting in November the previous day. Chairman of the AK Party Assembly Chairman Sukru Karabacak permission was directed by Nafiz Cığlık. In a very quiet parliament, the CHP Council member Yasar Sönmez, who spoke out of the agenda, said that due to the Marmaray Project, Sırasöğütler neighborhood was flooded in every rain.
Darıca Municipality held the ordinary November meeting in the parliamentary room the previous day. In the parliament where various agenda items were discussed, the Chairman of the AK Party was Nafiz Çığlık. Assembly members discussed in the majority of the agenda talks about the agenda of the CHP Council member Yasar Sönmez, Marmaray Project, Darıca because of the flood in every rain, he said. Yaşar Sönmez said: “The Marmaray Project is under construction. Most of the water channels in the Gebze area are bursting during construction. Darica especially Söğütler District in the rain in every rain due to the explosion of this channel is under the flood. We want the authorities to act responsibly and produce solutions for this. Bu

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