Excavations in Istanbul with Marmaray Excavations

Excavations in Istanbul with Marmaray Excavations
The least known history of ISTANBUL covers unwritten periods. The Yenikapı data, which emerged from the Marmaray excavations in recent years alongside the Yarımburgaz Cave, Fikirtepe and Pendik settlements, contributes to Istanbul's urban memory in terms of the history of civilization as prehistoric periods.
Although there is little information about Neolithic and Chalcolithic sites of Istanbul except the Paleolithic ages of Istanbul, very little about the Bronze Ages. 2. no data could be reached about the thousand cultures. However, BC. 3. and 2. There is a dense settlement in and around Anatolia. In addition, BC. 2 Hittite, Arzawa, Mycenae, as well as Hittite, Arzawa, Mycenaan Anatolia and the Aegean in a period when the great states and empires are trying to expand the region of interest, no signs of any signs of life in Istanbul or in the immediate vicinity creates a great historical space.
Before the Greek Colonies of Istanbul 1. the problem of settlements belonging to the beginning of the thousand years continues.
It was defined as Early Iron Age. Archaeological data from the 1200-850 period seem to be almost absent. However, in ancient sources, the movements of the Thracians / Phrygian people moving from the Balkans to the inner parts of Anatolia are explained. It is proven that the Thracian / Phrygian peoples pass through the Dardanelles but the Istanbul Strait crossings have not been proven. The researches we have initiated in recent years are aimed at solving these problems. As a matter of fact, except for the pottery fragments of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums and a few pot pieces from the Yenikapı excavations, archaeological evidence of the Demirçağı of Istanbul, the Küçükçekmece Lake Basin Avcılar Firüzköy, the ceramic pieces in Silivri and Çatalca borders, the cult monuments and the presentation. centers. To clarify these problems, to fill the chronological gap, and most importantly, with the concern of the loss of the prehistoric data that will remain under the rapidly spreading modern city, the ITA (Istanbul Prehistoric Studies) Project was initiated with the team consisting of international scientists.

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