Malatya Wagon Repair Factory Get Sugar Factory

Malatya'on atıl şin Figure The Malatya Wagon Repair Factory, which claims that it would be wrong to open an open prison, President Güngör said: ın We are currently trying to open a prison. The Wagon Repair Factory will no longer be different from the monopoly and sugar factories. They tried to get the prison out of the city, but after becoming a metropolitan area, the area where the wagon repair factory is located is in the city. In other words, the prison will be in the city. Yani
Gungor continued his words as follows: '' We worked for the Wagon Repair Factory for a long time. We made feasibility for the factory and forwarded to the Minister of Industry. We submitted a file to our deputies. Öznur Çalık, looked very hot in our work. The Wagon Repair Factory said it was one of our sine qua non. We prepared suggestions and declared our ideas. As an 3 person, we started this business and did our best to reinstate the wagon repair factory. While we were in this kind of studies, we discussed with Spain. When we asked the governor, they said they were thinking about partnership. Then a delegation from Spain came. Two people came from the Undersecretariat in Ankara. One-week meetings were held for one week. I've met with Governor Bey again. When the Spanish delegation came up with a different proposal, the governor did not look at us. He is currently working on an open prison. This is very false. The Wagon Repair Factory will no longer be different from the monopoly and sugar factories. When the Minister of Justice came, we had a meeting at Anemon. Later, when we met with our businessmen, they said that the prison would be held in Akçadağ and the Palace of Justice in the village services unit in Beylerderesi.
We, MASIAD, have worked hard, but this is the last case. They tried to get the so-called prison out of the city, but after the metropolitan area, the area where the wagon repair factory was located was in the city. So the prison will still be in the city. Tekel, one of the biggest income sources of the Malatya economy, has been sold, the sugar is not fully operational. They could use the Wagon Repair Factory as a sugar factory area to turn it into an open prison. Now we have an apricot, but it's not worth this year. Prices fell thoroughly. We can say it is not sold. '' He said.

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