Torun: Bir Light Rail System is Not a Realistic Project for the Army Tor

Ordu Mayor Seyit Torun said that the light rail system is not a load that Ordu can handle.
Rector of Ordu University. Dr. Tarık Yarılgaç used the expression, “In Ordu, the light rail system should now be adopted”. Ordu Mayor Seyit Torun said to Rector Yarılgaç's opinion: “I think our Rector of Ordu University has said this idea for metropolitan cities. The cost of the rail system of 150 thousand people like us is not a burden this city can bear. Even if someone grants us, it has operating costs. We cannot even cover the operating cost. Even Samsun, with a population of 600 thousand, has just finished. Things are very easy in thought. Of course it would be good to do, but if this account is about book work and the number of passengers, the light rail system is not a realistic project for Ordu. ”

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