LB Foster's rail and pipe unit sales up in Q3

LB Foster's rail and pipe unit sales up in Q3
US-based manufacturing company LB Foster Company announced a net sales of $ 24,2 million for the third quarter of the year, up $ 52,9 a year 12 million or 7,6 increase due to an increase of% 170,3 in sales of its rail unit and an increase of% 2012 in pipe unit sales. In the third quarter of 8,5, revenue from the company's ongoing operations reached 9,4 million. This amount was $ XNUMX million in the same quarter last year.

According to LB Foster's statement, in the third quarter of this year, the company's total orders reached $ 12,5 million, up $ 140,8 annually. Ası Our rail and pipe unit's financial results are above the planned level, given the demanding construction market, ında said Robert P. Bauer, president and CEO of LB Foster. Rail sector investments continue steadily. We continue to serve our customers in the rail sector with high quality products and new technologies. In addition, our pipe unit was affected positively by increasing exploration and production investments, especially in shale gas applications. Our pipe and rail units have grown beyond our 2012 estimates. We plan to focus on new investments to increase our growth rate. The markets in the regions where construction support is needed, especially for projects, are going through a difficult period. Although our bridge construction unit has been having a good year due to increased sales and profit margin, it will not be enough to compensate for the decline in the construction of the reinforced concrete construction projects with the pavement projects reflecting the current state of the construction market. Köprü

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