Kayseri Chamber of Commerce in October parliamentary meeting was given the good news about the high-speed train

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Meeting was held in October. Governor Şerif Yılmaz, who attended the meeting, gave good news about the airport and high speed train line. Yilmaz, Kayseri Science High School by TOBB said.
Kayseri Governor Şerif Yılmaz also attended the meeting held at the Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Assembly Hall. The opening speech of the meeting was made by Bekir Adıyaman, Chairman of the Assembly of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce. Providing information to Governor Yılmaz about Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, Adıyaman submitted the decisions taken to vote.
Governor Mehmet Şerif Yılmaz Mehmetbeyoğlu'nun after the podium, the recent train of the Kayseri-Yerköy high-speed train line will open the tender. Yilmaz, ası These are the things that should be. Because, if you have the infrastructure, industry, education, economy, you will be the center of health. If you don't have access, you don't have a chance to develop whatever your factory is. The industry spread to Anatolia in Turkey were provided with the divided highway. Kayseri is lucky in this respect, in the center of the airline, railway, highway. This is also about the experience of Kayseri. From this, 4 reached its first trade documents in Kanish-Karum a thousand years ago. These experiences reflect the success of the present. We need to do the task that falls on us to take this success further. Bu

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