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Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek said, "Our latest model, comfortable, air-conditioned, barrier-free trams will start walking in our city from the spring months." In the program organized by Konya Metropolitan Municipality Kılıçarslan Youth Center and Credit and Hostels Institution (YURTKUR) Regional Directorate, university students staying in dormitories in Konya came together in the sema program.
Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek said in a speech he made at the Mevlana Cultural Center that students who choose Konya for the university feel like they are at home and are always at the service of the students as a municipality.
Akyürek stated that the students should take part in social responsibility projects as well as the courses.
“Vocational education is given free of charge at Kılıçarslan Youth Center of our municipality. Our library, study halls, bookstore, cinema and meeting rooms are at the service of all our students and communities. Our latest model, comfortable, air-conditioned, barrier-free trams will also start walking in our city starting from spring. We also start working on a metro line for easy access to our university. I want to give her the good news. ”
Rector of Selçuk University (SU) Dr. Hakki Gokbel emphasized the importance of the integration of the university youth with the city in which he was involved, assimilating the culture of the city and intermingling.
The program was attended by students from YURTKUR Regional Manager Osman Yaşar Acet, Mevlana's 22nd generation grandson Esin Çelebi.

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