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History of trams in Konya
History of trams in Konya

The tender held by Konya Metropolitan Municipality on October 17, 2012 for the purchase of 60 tram vehicles - 58 spare parts and one deray equipment for the renewal of the existing tram fleet was concluded. Konya Tramway Tender won the second bid of 104 million 700 thousand Euros given by the Czech Republic origin Skoda company. According to the information we received from the Metropolitan Municipality, the companies started to be notified as a result of the tender.


The companies have the right to appeal to the tender within 10 days. After the completion of the appeal period and if any objections were evaluated by the Public Procurement Authority, the official process would be completed and the municipal authorities stated that the tender would not be finalized without signing the contract.


The companies participating in the tender and their offers are as follows:

  1. ŠKODA (Czech): 98.700.000 EUR / 104.700.000 EUR (two alternatives)
  2. PESA (Poland): EUR 109 Million
  3. CNR (China): 110.294.788 EUR
  4. CAF (Spanish): EUR 113.931.807
  5. Astra (Romania): 121.740.488 EUR
  6. Bombardier (Germany): EUR 160.315.533

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