Konya Metropolitan Municipality trolley tender tender Evaluation work in progress

New developments on the tender of 17 October 2012 on the 60 Day, the purchase of 58 pieces of 1 spare parts and purchase of XNUMX pieces of equipment were recorded by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; the evaluation of the aforementioned tender continues. Officials, the 70 price and% 30 out of the price-based technical scoring work will be completed in the coming days noted.
After the completion of the necessary work, the tender will be finalized. As it is known, the firms participating in the tender were as follows:
1. Astra (Romania)
2. Bombardier (Germany)
3. CNR (China)
4. CAF (Spain)
5. Pesa (Poland)
6. Skoda (Czech Republic)

Source : Investments

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