Contract Time for Konya Wheat Market YHT Station!

TH İdil Architecture Company, which won the tender for the preparation of TCDD Konya Wheat Market YHT Terminal Project Application Projects, was invited for the contract.

General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate of Real Estate and Construction Directorate of Konya Wheat Market Preparation of YHT Station Application Projects Service Procurement) new developments were recorded.

4 Projects to be Prepared in Month

Providing information to the newspaper about the developments in the AK Party Konya Deputy Huseyin Uzulmez, Konya Wheat Market YHT Station Project Preparation of the tender of the project has been concluded recently saying that the tenderer to the winning company by sending an invitation letter 19 reported that the contract should be signed until November. The company has to prepare the application projects of YHT Station within 120 days, ie within 4 months. Then we will go on the construction tender. Similar to the Konya Airport Building during the tender process, if the court does not have a problem in the summer months, we can come to a groundbreaking state, Eğer he said.

Contracted in Logistics Village

Konya Logistics Village Application Projects tender has been completed in the past months and the contracting firm signed a contract with the construction of the construction project reminds me to start reminding imzalan At this point, Logistics Village work is one step ahead of the YHT Station. In addition, the Izmir-Adana highway in our 2035 vision is also passing through Konya. Project preparation work for the Konya part of the Highways staff continues, Konya he said.

Konya-Antalya High Speed ​​Train Works

Stating that the High Speed ​​Train that will operate between Kayseri and Antalya will come to Antalya via Konya, Üzülmez said, ya This line is included in our vision of 2023. We discussed the issue with our Deputy Chairman and Antalya Deputy Menderes Türel. As Konya and Antalya MPs, we are interested in Konya-Antalya section of the line. Kayseri, Niğde, Nevşehir, Aksaray Deputies is about the acceleration of the work in the Kayseri-Konya section. We are doing our best to speed up this project, Bu he said.

Technical Details for Konya Wheat Market YHT Station Tender

About the cost of the 680 thousand 66 pounds, the contract was awarded to the contractor of the company who won the contract. The contract will be signed with 348 thousand 400 pounds.
As it is known, other companies participating in the tender were as follows:

1. AGM Engineering
2. Akabeyler Building Architecture
3. Alka Project Engineering
4. Atus Engineering
5. Project Engineering
6. Contact Mehmet directly
7. Oba Project
8. Engineering
9. Promeks Engineering
10. Uludag Architecture


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