1.500 bogies produced by Kayserili Railtur on European rails

Railtur bogie has become productive. Now, Railtur's 1.500 bogies are spinning in Europe's railways.
Halis Turgut, who could not make an appointment in a short period of time, found himself in the railway sector.
Halis Turgut, who entered the railway sector as he could not find a company that would produce a cistern wagon he needed while carrying out oil transportation, also became a bogie with his company called Railtur. Railtur 1.500 bogie bogie which carries out the first exports from Turkey in Europe now turning demirağ. They were not able to respond to the need for wagons in their own transport companies from the wagons working at full capacity at that time; Haltur Turgut, General Manager of Railtur Wagon Industry AŞ, who stated that they were robbed of cistern wagon production to meet their needs, stated that they continue their activities as a successful company in this field.
Explaining that they have achieved a first in the history of the Republic by exporting their different production, Halis Turgut said: “This is another source of pride for us. We have an international shipping company called Transtur, which carries oil transportation. We needed a cistern wagon here, but we couldn't find a company that could meet our needs. When we started work in 2006, the capacities of other wagon manufacturers were full. This returned to us as an advantage. Foreign companies were looking for alternatives, and we agreed with them. Accordingly, we have made certain standards necessary. We took European standards and brought them here. In order to meet the needs of the industry, we developed products that have advantages with brand new designs. We were founded with our own capital and we continue to grow. ”
Turgut said that bringing every new technology has some burdens, but they have managed to become an exemplary company with their work, and said, “When we first started production, we were sleeping with the companies. Because we were not a brand, they did not know us. Our technology was good, our production was good, but we increased the warranty period, which is normally 24 months, to 48 months to build trust. We continuously worked by adding our night to our day, we constantly renewed our technology. We proved our brand and quality. We now provide a 24-month warranty period. Firms comply with us since an atmosphere of trust is created. We have produced a completely different product in the Turkish industry. The products we produce are used in Europe as the Turkish brand. ” In addition to the cistern wagon in its product range, Turgut said that TÜBİTAK-supported products also include 'bogie' and noted that they achieved the first in this field by using the bogies they produced in Europe. Turgut said, “In addition to the tanker wagons we produce, we also produce bogies that are one of the moving parts under the freight wagons. There are over 1.500 Turkish bogies circulating in Europe. Our product bogie was deemed worthy to be supported by TÜBİTAK and 30 percent of our work was supported. We developed this product in 2010. Now our new projects
there is. The most important factor in transportation is to carry high loads. We can carry 95 kilos of cargo with our Zacns type 65-cubic meter cistern we have produced. We plan to increase the load carrying capacity with the new cistern wagon weighing lighter (empty wagon). With the new wagon, we will be able to carry 500 thousand kilos more cargo, so the carrying capacity will be 3 thousand 68 kilograms. We are planning to manufacture this wagon, which is currently in the design phase, in the first quarter of 500. Our R&D studies on this matter continue. ”
Emphasizing that they are working on more than one product in the new product area, Turgut emphasized that another of their projects will be a solution to the problems of load transfer in transportation, "As long as the transfer of special products in transportation, both the costs increase and the product can be damaged, in this case both the transporter and the product owner suffer. We also developed a system similar to the one used in the USA, which does not have such problems, in accordance with the conditions of our country, and brought it to Turkey. kazanwe will go. The trailer to be used in this system can be used as both a road vehicle and a railway vehicle, and in this case, the product can be transported from the point of loading to the delivery to the final customer without any transfer. This transportation system does not have a very difficult technology, but it will contribute a lot to our country. We plan to realize this project by the end of next year,” he said.
We aim to export 2013 million lira in 35
Turgut, who gives general information about his companies, said, “We are currently operating in our factory, which has 30 thousand square meters of open space and 7 square meters of closed area, with our 500 employees. We currently export our products to European countries. Turkey also could come into line with the demand from the domestic market can offer our services. Our 150 export figure is around 2011 million lira. Our exports for the first six months of 20 are 2012 million liras, and we expect our exports to be 6 million liras at the end of 2012 as our production has slowed down due to the impact of the economic contraction in Europe. In 15, we aim to export 2013 million lira. In addition, we produce all the cistern wagons we produce except wheel and brake. "
The Railway is the Battle of Çanakkale for this country
Emphasizing the importance of railways for the country, Halis Turgut said, “The railroad is worth it for this country. Because wars are no longer done with a rifle. People create weapons with the products they develop, by offering their products to the markets and by constantly improving. Developments in the railway industry affect the country's industry. Transportation investments constitute the biggest item of the 2023 targets set by the government. If the transportation of the loads in our country is transferred very cheaply, the increasing resources can be evaluated in many different ways for the development of our country. In addition, the 40-45 year life of the railway vehicle is more than the highway vehicle. If we can pull 75% of the transportation share on the highways with the cistern wagons we produce, we will have a great contribution to our developing country. ”
More than 600 welders for Kayseri industry kazanwe nagged
Stating that they are one of the first companies in Kayseri to have an international certification in metal arc welding, General Manager Halil Turgut said, “We train workers together with İş-Kur in our company, which is also a school. While we train 25-30 welders in a month, we only have 2-3 welders left. The rest goes to Kayseri Industry. kazanWe are also happy that we did. Because the product made by an employee who knows the job is not the same as the work done by someone who does not know.”

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  1. I would like to congratulate Halis Turgutu and the general manager of the company. The successes he achieved with his well-trained technical personnel, who manufacture and export the freight wagons that meet the standards in the country, set an example for other wagon manufacturers and brought technology to the country by cooperating with tdemsalsa mteknik. kazanThere is no doubt that his outstanding achievements will continue to increase.. TCDD should meet its needs by opening a domestic tender instead of having 3 subsidiaries produce wagons. Thus, the quality will be high and the cost low.