Karabük University Rail Systems Engineer. Workshop (Final Declaration)

For the first time ever, all the parties have come together to focus on the same goal,
The projects that are being carried out and planned are shared with the public for the first time in this workshop.
With this panel entitled de Localization panel on rail systems,
Increasing the domestic production rate in systems investments and growing rail transportation
Systems in the market of industrial production in Turkey of having more say
necessity is emphasized.
Turkey, the world fastest train operation that 8 is the 6th country in Europe.
There are currently 7 rail manufacturers in the world, one of them KARDEMİR. Wheel and signaling
we are in the top 10. A high-speed train factory is built in Adapazarı, as well as in high-speed train production
The first in the world is aimed at being in 10.
Turkey's passenger and freight transport of passengers according to the report 95 percent
highway, 3 rail and 2 XNUMX'in are made by air. Besides
90 of the cargo transport, the highway, 5 and 5 XNUMX'i by sea is carried out by sea.
In addition to the existing railway projects, Sakarya-Duzce-Bolu-Zonguldak-Karabuk-Kastamonu
Basin railway project has been proposed and proposed with this project west Black Sea
Due to the fact that the region is connected by rail to Istanbul in the West and to Samsun ports in the East.
development of the region will be increased rapidly.
Karabük University for the first time in Turkey in 2011 Rail Systems Engineering Department
2011-2012 education in year 97 student and 2012-2013 education in teaching
132 was added to the student.
Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster Assistant and OSTİM Foundation Management
Member of the Board Assoc. Dr. Sedat Celikdogan
Noting that the automotive market is shared by foreign companies,
"There is no domestic brands in Turkey in the Turkish automotive industry. Power of Cars
Almost all of the package is imported from outside. Automotive market foreign
shared by firms.
Looking at the Rail Transport Systems, foreign investments have not started yet.
Therefore, production and development of our domestic brand and national brand can be realized by our own companies.
324 domestic contribution share requirement in 51 units Ankara metro vehicles tender
was introduced. EU, US and world but 50 local contribution rate (OFFSET)
permits. RTE is the first leading company in the production of tramway and support company. Domestic Production
innovations can be applied at any time when innovations can be applied but
In foreign production, you cannot stay productive and develop, you cannot keep up with innovations.
Companies operating in this sector 2013-2014-2015 and then Rail Transportation
It has the potential and capability to produce its systems, in cooperation with these companies
should be supported. desteklen
Dr. of the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster İlhami Pektaş:
In the Rail Transportation Systems
the cooperation and cooperation of all manufacturers, enterprises, organizations and universities
In Rail Transportation Systems, we can fully produce our national and national brands and
emphasized that it could be a permanent brand that can compete in the global market.

Source : anadoluraylisistemler.org

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