Izmir's businessmen continue to echoes the trip to Istanbul Metro

Izmir's businessmen continue to echoes the trip to Istanbul Metro
Meeting with the accompanying delegation in Istanbul, the AK Party Izmir deputy Rifat Sait, the last moment of participation in the trip, some people who were threatened by the CHP municipal members claimed.
With members of Balkan Anatolian Association, Kosovo Rumelia Association and Balkan Businessmen Association Kabataş Sait, who came together with members of the press at his wharf, stated that they see Istanbul as a big country rather than a city. Sait said that they will make a Bosphorus tour with the participation of Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş and they will exchange ideas about their projects. Pointing out that local administrators should not search for their sample projects in Europe, Sait said, “For example, it is not necessary to go to Germany to see the tram project. It is possible to find these projects in Istanbul, too. ” Stating that some people from Izmir were threatened, Sait said that he would not participate in the Istanbul tour projects at the last moment, and said: “The friends who did not come, 'Some municipal council members calling us, which unfortunately are CHP councilors, have blocked and threatened us'. This move has upset us so much. Especially, we respect the decision of Kordon tradesmen. ” Minister Yıldırım Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Topbas thanking Saitama for projects they brought to Turkey, "Izmir 35 different projects outside of the project will be accelerated. We continue to work and serve. Izmir residents follow us, "he said.

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