Izmir - Wow tram woe!

Konak Tramway
Konak Tramway

Our Grand President Aziz Kocaoğlu says, 'We will build a tram, we are waiting for approval'.
In vain…
We'il wait for another spring.

Our Metropolitan Municipality, whose every job is halfway, has in its hands the Transportation Master Plan that will provide resources for tram projects.
Planned by two professors, completed in 2007 and costing 3 million pounds, it does nothing.
You ask why?
Millions of dollars spent on the ground because of the plan is not pressed.
The international organizations approved the computer programs that are used by the indi bindi figures are not included in the plan for example.
Our well-known municipality prepares those figures with the 'excel' program used by accountants.

Like a grocery account account ...
It's not scientific.
No transportation demand modeling.
You'il understand.
After all, in the State Planning Organization, foreign organizations are saying 'not with this plan' to tram projects with this plan.
What else could he say ...

If you will say 'I want a loan' you should put forward proper data. You should clearly explain how beneficial the investment is and when the monetary return will be.
If you want to check the plan with Salla party, you expect a lot.
Planning on making the Transportation Master Plan of the few experts in Istanbul, Turkey, which prepared the plan of Baku İzmir High Technology University lecturer Prof. Murat Çelik also points out that transportation investments are very expensive.
'If you have 7 thousand passengers in one direction per hour, you cannot do the subway on this line. But if you do the metrobus' he says.
Even the municipality does not even know how many passengers will pass our tram projects.
Now he'il know.

Because, Our Metropolitan Municipality is launching a new tender under the name of 'Transportation Master Plan Revision'.
In fact, the plan that will shed light on our transportation investments to be made again even if they say revised ...
The old one's going to waste.
Again money will be spent near 3 million pounds.
Again 3 will wait for years at best.
The number of years the city lost in transportation planning will increase to 8.

If overseas credit or treasury bail is required, tram projects will be transferred to 3 year.
Just because it wasn't done right and just in time.
If the plan in 2007 had been made properly, if the computer programs accepted by international organizations were used in the calculations, not Excel, the city would not be a waste of money.

DPT would not say 'Bring a new one that did not have this plan, I will not approve it'.
Perhaps, it would appear that there is no scientific need for tram projects called 'we will do it', but another model would be considered.
But not!
Stubbornness in our Great Municipality, as I said, you will see that the will will choose to overthrow its incompetence on someone else and get off again.
It will be said 'we will do it but no approval is given'.

Time and money lost to the city will not be spoken at all.
Total 237 will cost $ 1 million
The biggest of Izmir's two important tram projects will be realized between Üçkuyular and Halkapınar. The approximate cost of this line is calculated to be 130 million dollars. The second line will be between Alaybey and Mavişehir. It was recorded that this line was planned to cost 107 million dollars.

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