Izmir's new train becomes 'Bay Dolphin'

İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN) has shown great interest in the 'İzmir Chooses the Train' survey, and the 'Bay Yunusu' design won 7 thousand 180 votes and won the first place in front of 'Deep Blue' with 'Yali Capkini'.
IZBAN, Hyundai Rotem by the 40 EMU trains set by the construction of the internal and external designs for the determination of the 'Izmir Train is Choosing' in Izmir polls, the Gulf Yunus' s preferences. Gulf Dolphin and Deep Blue competing in the Gulf Yunus, 19 bin 720 Izmir 7 thousand 180'in the poll was able to vote. Deep Blue 6 received a thousand 976, while the Yalı Freekman received 5 bin 564.
For the 3 new train set, the people of İzmir voted 790 on İZBAN's facebook account. The Gulf Dolphin also won the first place with 340, while 300 to the Yalı Çapkinu and 150 to the deep Blue. In the interior designs of the new sets, 3 design, which is a spacious work dominated by white color, won the first place by 10 bin 641. Design 1 5 355, 2 3 bin 724 XNUMX received the vote.
İZBAN General Manager Sabahattin Eriş thanked the people of İzmir for their interest in the survey, said, “Our goal was to create a synergy and realize the design that İzmir people liked most. It made us very happy to see the interest we expected on both our official website and our facebook account ”.
Deputy General Manager Sönmez Alev stated that the train sets, which are under construction, will depart from South Korea to Izmir in 18 months and said, “The entire fleet will be completed in about 3 years. With the commissioning of the sets, we will raise the level of service we offer to the people of Izmir one step further ”.

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